Replica Of Noah’s Boat In Kentucky


Replica of Noah’s boat in Kentucky

Williamstown, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 12th July, 2016) : A Christian built the Replica of Noah Ark (boat) and spent approximately 77 million Dollars for its construction. A 510-foot-long Noah’s ark, Christians say the biblical story really happened, opened in Kentucky last week.

Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, the ministry that built the ark, believed that the stories of the Bible are true.

Since his announcement in 2010, his organization Answers in Genesis will built 510 feet long replica of the Noah’s ark Kentucky.

Ken Ham’s project of the Noah’s ark replica is now completed and inaugurated on Tuesday. Ken Ham said that the ark was built and based on magnitude mentioned in the Bible. Inside are museum style exhibits: displays of Noah’s family along with rows of cages containing animal replicas, including dinosaurs.

Replica of Noah’s boat in Kentucky