US Senator Cruz Says Developing Bill To Sanction Russia, Iran Over Growing Cooperation

US Senator Cruz Says Developing Bill to Sanction Russia, Iran Over Growing Cooperation

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 18th May, 2023) US Senator Ted Cruz said on Wednesday that he is working with fellow lawmakers on legislation that would bolster sanctions on Russia and Iran in an effort to address increasing cooperation between the two countries.

"I'm working to currently get support for legislation called the Sanctions Against Destabilizing Iranian-Russian Aggression, or SADIRA, which would force the Biden administration to confront Russia-Iran cooperation in a number of ways," Cruz said during remarks at the Hudson Institute.

The legislation would mandate the implementation of existing Ukraine-related sanctions on banks, planes and ships used by Russia and Iran to facilitate the special military operation in Ukraine, Cruz said.

The bill would also freeze billions of Dollars in Iranian funds overseas and require US President Joe Biden use the money to pay American victims of "Iranian aggression" and compensate Ukraine, Cruz also said.

Cruz criticized the Biden administration for funding both sides of the conflict in Ukraine by allowing the flow of funds to Iran and continuing to pursue a nuclear deal.