Residents Want Immediate Extension Of Blue Bus Route From PWD Interchange


Residents want immediate extension of Blue bus route from PWD interchange

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th Nov, 2023) The residents residing in different housing societies located near the Islamabad Expressway have demanded an immediate extension of the route covered by Blue Bus service up to PWD interchange after substantial road widening and construction work had been completed, easing vehicular traffic on one of the busiest arteries of the twin cities.

Residents of Korang, Pakistan, Jinnah Garden, PWD, Sohan, and other adjacent societies were of the opinion that the authorities have unveiled the plying of the Blue Bus service route from Rawat but deferred it due to the condition of the road and the subsequent construction and expansion work from Korang Bridge to Rawat.

The demand coincides with the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) decision to roll out 160 electric buses on 13 different routes in the capital city.

As the extensive work on the laying of new road lanes has been completed up to PWD interchange with smooth and rapid vehicular traffic, the route of Blue Bus service should be extended to PWD interchange to facilitate a large number of commuters, students, and office-going people, Raziq Ali Shah, a senior journalist and resident of Jinnah Garden, said on Sunday.

Haji Abdul Qadoos, a trader in PWD, said that the introduction of blue bus service on the Expressway was a significant initiative to provide much-needed transport facilities to the masses, but after the completion of hassle-free traffic movement on the newly constructed multi-lane road from Korang Bridge to Naval Anchorage Housing Society, its route should be immediately expanded to PWD interchange.

Shaheena Jabeen and Humaira, two working women and residents of Korang town, opined that they conveniently moved to their workplaces located in the Blue Area regularly by boarding the Blue buses, but for reaching the Koral bus stand to catch the service, they still faced the issue of moving from the entrance of the society on the highway to the designated Blue bus stop via private vehicles.

“Traversing a distance from the PWD interchange to Koral by a private public vehicle is too difficult,” Humaira added.

While a number of residents, including an elderly Ahmed Ghulam, suggested that alternatively, the blue bus route should also be linked by the creation of additional passages for electric buses, as announced by CDA, from different residential and commercial areas of these sprawling residential areas.

“It is observed that Blue Bus service caters to the transportation needs of the residents of the Capital up to Gulberg Greens, and afterwards, commuters are facing the same old issues of moving through public transport,” Jameel Babar, owner of an architect company in the Capital Enclave housing society, shared.

They were of the view that the number of blue buses should also be multiplied considering the growing number of commuters who are huddled beyond capacity in each moving vehicle, particularly during peak hours, besides extending the service hours in the late night.

The authorities should also consider enhancing the Blue Bus service schedule during the night to facilitate those people who usually work late in different offices and places in Islamabad.

With the onset of the winter season, finding private vehicles became problematic, which also caused wastage of time and proved costly too, Dr. Musawar, an employee of a private hospital, demanded.