Best Time For Lemons Cultivation Is February, March

Best time for lemons cultivation is February, March

FAISALABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 12th Feb, 2024) The moderate weather is very important for lemons and these could be cultivated during the months of February and March.

Assistant Director Agriculture Department Punjab Dr Khalid Iqbal said here Monday that there is a possibility of serious damage to the lemon crop due to the temperature falling below the freezing point however the land fit for other crops and fruits is suitable for lemons cultivation.

He said that the areas of Sahiwal, Multan, Gujrat, Sargodha, Gujranwala and Rahim Yar Khan have special importance for the cultivation of lemons.

The lemon crop is also being cultivated successfully in KPK and Sindh provinces apart from Punjab.

He said that lemon is rich in citric acid, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, B and C, while its peel, juice and seeds are used for nutritional and medicines.

The hot and dry areas where temperature increases from 40 to 47 are not fit for lemon cultivation. The best time for lemon cultivation is February to March. Fertile land should be selected for proper growth of the plants and quality, he added.