Brazil Ready To Share Renewable Engery Knowledge With Pakistan: Envoy

Brazil ready to share renewable engery knowledge with Pakistan: Envoy

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th july,2016) : Ambassador of Brazil Claudio Lins said on Monday that Brazil covers more than 42 per cent of its energy needs through renewable sources and ready for knowledge sharing with Pakistan. He was talking to business community here at Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The LCCI Senior Vice President Almas Hyder, Vice President Nasir Saeed, former LCCI President Iftikhar Ali Malik, Executive Committee Members Amjad Ali Jawa, Mian Abdul Razzaq, Tariq Mahmood, Waqar Ahmed Mian and Honorary Consul of Brazil Mian Hassan Mansha also spoke on the occasion. Brazilian Ambassador said that Brazil was ready to extend cooperation to Pakistan in renewable energy sector.

He said that Brazil had improved per hector yield through modern technology and double cropping and also one of the largest exporters of poultry meat. He said that Pakistani businessmen could take benefit from Brazilian expertise in these sectors, asserting that Brazil was 9th biggest economy of the world with USD 1.7 trillion GDP and best place for doing business and investment.

He said that despite having various commonalities and good diplomatic relations, trade volume between Brazil and Pakistan was meager. He said that mutual trade volume in 2015 was hardly USD 369 million US which did not match the potential existed in the two countries. Claudio Lins said, "Brazil is looking for new trade partners in Asia while Pakistan products are best and can easily make their way in the Brazilian market." He invited Pakistani businessmen to work for joint ventures with their Brazilian counterparts and also report their reservations to Brazilian Embassy in Pakistan regarding tariff etc. LCCI Senior Vice President Almas Hyder said that Brazil-Pakistan relations were characterized as friendly and cooperative.

He said that traditionally, the balance of trade had been in favour of Brazil. Although trade figures did not match the actual potential of trade but these were following an upward trend.

From 2013 to 2015, the two-way trade had surged from USD 227 million to USD 316 million.

However, in contrast to that Pakistan exports were falling in terms of value which contracted from USD 87 million to USD 56 million. He said, "We should work on ways to improve our trade and economic relations." Almas Hyder said that private sector of Pakistan could definitely take advantage of exporting to Brazil various types of consumer goods like ready-made garments, fabrics, knitwear, towels, leather & leather products, pharmaceutical, surgical instruments etc. He said that Brazil offered a huge potential for the exports of high quality footballs.

"Everyone knows that the game of football is very close to the hearts of Brazilian people. We can also supply agro products including rice, pulses, fruits and vegetables etc. For this, we need to work closely with your office to find the right partners." He added, "Brazil has earned good repute in the field of hydro electric technology and in expanding commercial use of ethanol.

We will certainly like to have the expertise of Brazilian experts who can share technical aspects and general information regarding production of ethanol (bio-fuel) by sugarcane and its usage in cars and power generation." It would certainly help Pakistan in reducing dependence on petroleum products, he added. Former LCCI President Iftikhar Ali Malik called for B2B meetings between the businessmen of the two countries.

He said that tariff issues should be resolved to give boost to the mutual trade. He said that Brazil could take benefit from the cheap but skilled human resources of Pakistan. Honorary Consul of Brazil Mian Hassan Mansha also spoke highly about the trade and economic relations between the two countries saying that Pakistan's geographical location was very important and could be beneficial for the Brazilian investors.