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01 December 2023 US Dollar is the currency of United States of America, however it is considered to be a global currency, as the majority of the world trades in USD. Imports, exports and LC are dependent on US Dollars. The Dollar rate in Pakistan is always fluctuating due to the economic and political instability in Pakistan. 1 USD to PKR conversion for today is Rs. 285.75907. This USD to PKR conversion is based on the open market conversion price, the bank rates and intermarket rates are different. The 1 USD to PKR buying and selling rates are different as well. Use the calculator below to convert US $ to Pakistan Rupees online, and check the best market rates available.

1 USD = 285.75907 PKR

1 USD = 285.76 PKR
Your Conversion : 1 USD = 285.75907 PKR
Reverse Conversion : 285.75907 PKR = 1 USD

US Dollar Pakistan Rupee

Updated: Dec 01 2023

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Last 30 days LAST 90 DAYS
High 291 304
Low 285 279
Average 288.0540 288.8791


Date Buying Selling
1 Dec, 2023 285.25 287.80
30 Nov, 2023 285.25 287.80
29 Nov, 2023 285.40 288.00
28 Nov, 2023 285.70 288.50
27 Nov, 2023 285.20 288.00
26 Nov, 2023 284.70 285.20
25 Nov, 2023 284.70 285.20
24 Nov, 2023 284.87 285.37
23 Nov, 2023 284.00 286.85
22 Nov, 2023 283.65 286.50
21 Nov, 2023 285.20 288.00
20 Nov, 2023 286.20 289.00
19 Nov, 2023 287.30 290.20
18 Nov, 2023 287.30 290.20
17 Nov, 2023 287.30 290.20


USD is the strongest trading currency. It ranks 1st in the world’s trading market because of the growing interest rates day by day. In contrast, PKR is a weak currency. Let's learn with us the relationship and exchange rate difference between both of these currencies.

The rate of Dollar changes every day. The most common method to measure the rate of the US Dollar is the exchange method. Exchange rates of Dollars allow you to guess how much you can exchange for the specific currency in Dollar rates.

USD is considered as an important currency across the globe. The rate of USD matters to every country, including Pakistan. Because Pakistan uses USD in worldwide trade activities, USD is the reserve and significant currency of the United States. After the US trade slows down, US Dollars have become less competent to currencies of many powerful countries.

As mentioned before, the US dollar has its own significance in Pakistan as still, 1 PKR is about 285.75907 USD. People mostly use US dollars in international transactions, as in honor of the world's leading currency. Imports and exports activities in Pakistan are done in US dollars. You can easily get open market rates of USD to PKR from multiple platforms. They can provide exact interbank records and international foreign exchange rates.

Global crises have seized US trade under its influence, but still, there is a tremendous impact of USD in Pakistan. International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted the deficit in US Dollars before while adjusting their global economic growth. 

The US dollar has continued rising to the date. The increment of the rate of US Dollars to Pakistani rupees has left everyone in shock because of the debt amount of billions of Dollars. Recently the US Dollar rate increased by 5.90 rupees and headed the Dollar over the rate of 285.75907 Rupees, which is the highest dollar rate in the history of Pakistani rupees. 

There are more factors resulting in the Dollar's rise, which led to foreign investors and a withdrawal decrease in the value of Pakistani rupees. The major thing that affects the decline in the value of Pakistani Rupees and the rise in USD is import orders, which results in the high demand for foreign currency. New economic policy has made that Pakistani Rupees will remain around 150 rupees against USD, and resources say that it can stay stable around 2020. 

With the help of a Currency converter, you can check the rate of USD. Rates keep on changing now and then, usually every day. So it is essential to monitor the rates daily. You can see the current rate of USD to PKR above.

There are many reasons for the decline of Pakistani rupees, one of which includes the unstable economy. 

The amount of GDP is also a factor that can be used to measure the value of the currency. Pakistan’s GDP is lower than the USA's GDP rate; this also makes a difference in the rate and value of the currency. 

Investors and entrepreneurs can boost the economy of the country. Still, because of the current pandemic situation and other factors, they are afraid of making an investment, which is also a barrier between the raise of Pakistani rupees against the US Dollars. 

However, the rapid increase rate of USD has advantaged to local investors as they can invest in Dollars and can gain profit by selling them on the increased rate.

After the Corona Pandemic, the Dollar rate has increased rapidly, which has also become the reason for the Pakistani government to think about the strategies to stop the rapid falling of Pakistani rupees against Dollar rates. According to the government, the sudden downfall of rupees can make terrible problems for them to survive in business because all the trades and activities were already suffering because of Coronavirus.