Corncob Demand Increases Among Children


Corncob demand increases among children

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -25th Augst,2016) :Corncob demand has increased among children in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi as a vast number of students were being witnessed buying the commodity after school hours. The commodity is available now a days at every nook and corner of Federal capital and Rawalpindi as its season has started.

Talking to APP nutritionist Dr.Hassanullah Khan said that Corn in line with rice potato was one of high glycemic index food items limiting its authority as the chief food ingredient in diabetes patients. Consumption of natural foods rich in flavonoids help protect from lung and oral cavity cancers. It also contains good levels of some of the valuable B complex group of vitamins as many of these vitamins function as co factors to enzymes during substrate metabolism.

Further, it contains healthy amounts of some important minerals like zinc magnesium copper iron and manganese, he added A vendor, Inaam Khan said he used to carry the fried corncobs in his push cart on the street of Islamabad and sell them to earn his livelihood. "I sell each corncob for Rs 20 to 30 according to size after school hours." A resident Rashid Ullah said "When I came to know it has several health benefits I started to buy it on daily basis as it is available on reasonable price and tasty too it can be used in different purpose like in chicken corn soup sweet corn etc".