ECP Issues Notifications Of Five Dozen Assembly Members

ECP issues notifications of five dozen assembly members

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Wednesday issued notifications of around five dozen members of the National and Provincial Assemblies, including former federal ministers Ijaz-ul-Haq, Sheikh Aftab, and others

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Feb, 2024) The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Wednesday issued notifications of around five dozen members of the National and Provincial Assemblies, including former Federal ministers Ijaz-ul-Haq, Sheikh Aftab, and others.

Former federal minister Ijaz ul Haq, a candidate of  Pakistan Muslim League (Zia-ul-Haq Shaheed) was notified as member of the National Assembly from NA-163, Bahawalnagar-IV, by securing 84,343 votes.

Sheikh Aftab Ahmed was declared as winner from NA-49, Attock-I with 120,158 votes and Malik Sohail Khan from NA-50, Attock-II with 118,288 votes.

Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians' (PPPP) Jam Abdul Karim Bijar was notified victorious from NA-229, Malir-I; Syed Rafiullah from NA-230, Malir-II; and Abdul Hakeem Baloch from NA-231, Malir-III, and Muttahida Qaumi Movement's Aasia Ishaque Siddique from NA-232, Korangi, Karachi-I; Muhammad Jawed Hanif Khan from NA-233, Korangi, Karachi-II; Muhammad Moin Aamer Pirzada from NA-234, Koranig, Karachi-III; Muhammad Iqbal Khan from NA-235, Karachi , East-I; Hassan Sabir from NA-236, Karachi East-II; Asad Alam Niazi (PPPP) from NA-237, Karachi, East-III ; Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol (PPPP) from NA-239, Karachi South-I; Arshad Abdullah Vohra (MQM) from NA-240, Karachi South-II; Mirza Ikhtiar Baig (PPPP) from NA-241,Karachi South-III; and Syed Mustafa Kamal (MQM) from NA-242, Karachi Kaemari-I; Abdul Qadir Patel (PPPP) from from NA-243, Karachi, Kaemari-II; Muhammad Farooq Sattar (MQM) from NA-244, Karachi-West-I; Syed Hafeezuddin (MQM) from NA-245, Karachi, West-II; Syed Amin Ul Haque (MQM) from NA-246, Karachi West-III; Khawaja Izhar Ul Hassan (MQM) from NA-247, Karachi Central-I; Khalid Maqbool Siddique (MQM) from NA-248, Karachi Central-II; Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui (MQM) from NA-249, Karachi Central-III; Farhan Chishti (MQM) from NA-250, Karachi Central-IV.

Those notified as returned candidates of Sindh Assembly included Muhammad Yousuf Baloch (PPPP) from PS-84 Malir-I; Muhammad Sajid from PS-85, Malir-II; Abdul Razaq Raja (PPPP) from PS-86, Malir-IV; Taj Muhammad Jamot (PPPP) from PS-87, Malir-IV; Ajaz Khan (Independent) from PS-88; Muhammad Saleem (PPPP) from PS-89, Malir-VI; Shariq Jamal (MQM) from PS-90, Korangi Karachi-II; Muhammad Farooq (Jamaat-e-Islami) from PS-91, Korangi, Karachi; Wajid Hussain Khan (Independent) from PS-92 , Korangi Karachi-IV; Sajid Hussain, (Independent) from PS-93 Korangi, Karachi; Najam Mirza (MQM) from PS-94, Korangi Karachi V; Muhammad Farooq Awan (PPPP) from PS-95, Korangi Karachi VI; Muhammad Awais (MQM) from PS-96, Korangi Karachi VII; Shaukat Ali (MQM) from PS-97, Karachi East-I; Arsalan Pawaiz (MQM) from PS-98,Karachi East-II; Syed Farhan Ansari (MQM) from PS-99, Karachi East-III; Syed Muhammad Usman (MQM) from PS-100,Karachi East-IV; Moid Anver (MQM) from PS-101, Karachi East-V; Muhammad Aamir Siddiqui (MQM) from PS-102, Karachi East-VI; Faisal Rafiq (MQM) from PS-103, Karachi East-VII; Muhammad Daniyal (MQM) from PS-104, Karachi East-VIII and Saeed Ghani (PPPP) from PS-105, Karachi East-IX; Muhammad Yousuf (PPPP) from PS-107, Karachi South-II; Muhammad Dilawar (MQM) from PS-108, Karachi South-III; Bilal Hussain Khan Jadoon (Independent) from ; Rahan Bandukda (Independent) from PS-110, Karachi South-V; Liaquat Ali Askani (PPPP) from PS-111, Kaemari-I; Sirbuland Khan (Independent) from PS-112, Kaemari-II; Fahim Ahmed (MQM) from PS-113, Kaemari-III; Muhammad Shabbir (Independent) from PS-114, Kaemari-IV; Ali Ahmed (PPPP) from PS-116, Karachi West-I; Sheikh Abdullah (MQM) from PS-117, Karachi West-II; Naseer Ahmed (MQM) from PS-118, Karachi West-III; Ali Khurshidi (MQM) from PS-119, Karachi West-IV; Muhammad Mazahir Amir (MQM) from PS-120, Karachi West-V; Ejaz Ul Haque (MQM) from PS-121, Karachi West-VI; Rahan Akram (MQM) from PS-122, Karachi Central-II; Abdul Waseem (MQM) from PS-123, Karachi Central-II; Abdul Basit (MQM) from PS-124, Karachi Central-III; Syed Adil Askari (MQM) from PS-125, Karachi Central-IV; Muhammad Iftikhar Alam (MQM) from PS-126, Karachi Central-V; Muhammad Maaz Mehboob (MQM) from PS-127, Karachi Central-VI; Taha Ahmed Khan (MQM) from PS-128, Karachi Central-VII and Jamal Ahmed (MQM) from PS-130, Karachi Central-IX.