ECP To Establish 990 Polling Stations In ICT For General Elections


ECP to establish 990 polling stations in ICT for general elections

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 5th Dec, 2023) The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is set to establish nearly 990 polling stations and 3,096 polling booths for the upcoming general elections in Islamabad.

As outlined in the election plan for Islamabad, more than one million voters are expected to cast their votes across the three Constituencies of the Federal capital.

The federal capital is segmented into three districts, which, in turn, are delineated into 3 constituencies: NA 46, NA 47, and NA 48. As per the document, the plan encompasses details such as constituency population, registered voters, potential polling stations, and election staff.

As outlined in the document, the total population of Islamabad is 2.36 million, and the registered voters amount to 1.83 million. Among them, there are 568,505 male voters and 514,625 female voters in the capital city.

According to the Election Commission, 1,040 presiding officers, 3,251 assistant presiding officers and the same number of polling officers will be appointed. 1,040 senior assistant polling officers will also be appointed in the three constituencies.