Indian Can No Longer Forcefully Stop Kashmiris From Right To Self Determination: VC ICU

Indian can no longer forcefully stop Kashmiris from right to self determination: VC ICU

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th july, 2016) : Acting Vice Chancellor Islamia College University (ICPU) Peshawar, Prof Dr Naushad Khan said on Wednesday that freedom movement in Indian held Kashmir had entered into crucial phase and India could not bar Kashmiris from right to self determination through use of illegal force anymore. In an exclusive chat with APP on the occasion of black day being observed across the country including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA against the recent grave human rights' violations and extra judicial killing of over 48 peaceful Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir, Dr Roushad said right to self determination was the legal and birth right of people of Occupied Kashmir. He said since the world had become a globe village and the international communities were closely observing the atrocities of Indian forces against innocent Kashmiris in the Occupied Kashmir, the Indian government could not suppress the Kashmiris through force. The observance of black day in Pakistan would send a very strong message to the world community to stop Indian government from brutal use of forces against unarmed Kashmiris and remind them to implement UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir, as it was the only way forward to address the long lingered issue.

He said the demand of Kashmiris for self determination was in accordance with International Law and UNO Charter. Prof Rushad, who had served as Chairman Pakistan Study Department, Islamia College Peshawar, said there were 37 political parties in both AJK and Occupied Kashmir and all have to get together on one single agenda on Kashmir for its quick resolution.

"How could India control Occupied Kashmir for so long through use of power when USA and former World Power USSR failed in Vietnam and Afghanistan respectively despite huge military resources," he questioned. He said continued and consistent work was required besides channelizing all resources including media and foreign embassies/missions, Kashmir Committee of the parliament, parliamentarians, etc to regularly highlight human rights violations and brutalities of occupation forces in held Kashmir. He said if the issues of East Timor and Kuwait could be addressed through UN Security Council's resolutions than why not the six-decade old Occupied Kashmir issue was addressed accordingly. Dr Noushad said world powers should have to think above financial and trade interests with India and press Modi's administration to come on dialogue table to resolve the Kashmir issue as it was the matter of life and death for over 10 million Kashmiris. Hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris were martyred during struggle for freedom and the recent extra judicial killing of over 48 people in Occupied Kashmir in the hands of occupational forces showed that Kashmiris would not bow before the India occupation.