Indo-Pakistan Peace Restaurant To Showcase Food In Paris

Indo-Pakistan Peace Restaurant to showcase food in Paris

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -29th Augst,2016) : A popular restaurant, which sells Indian and Pakistani cuisine and the idea of peace between the neighbours right at the international border between both countries, will showcase its food at an international food event in Paris next month. According to a Khaleej Times report, 'Sarhad' (which means border) restaurant, located just one kilometer from the Attari-Wagah joint checkpost of India and Pakistan, has been invited to participate in the 'Grand Fooding S.

Pellegrino Plats' in Paris, being organised by Le Fooding on September 24. "Sarhad, which promotes peace through food with its Amritsari-Lahori cuisine and culture, has been invited to participate in the world's biggest food event at Paris being organised by Le Fooding on September 24 this year," restaurant owner Aman Jaspal told. Aman and his wife Sameena will be serving the delicious Chicken Biryani, a popular rice and chicken dish in both countries, at the food festival.

Aman will soon travel to Lahore to get fresh spices and ingredients from there. "Sarhad is one of the 10 restaurants invited from across the world with a similar mission to use food as a medium for peace and reconciliation.

Top international chefs and restaurateurs will present essential dishes from different countries, religions and cultures in conflict with each other who come together through their shared gastronomy," Aman pointed out.

The theme of the food event this year has been kept to celebrate reconciliation, life and peace around and through food. This has been done in view of the tragic terror strikes in Paris, Brussels and other places across the world. The unique border restaurant 'Sarhad' showcases the architectural, cultural and culinary heritage of pre-partition Punjab in general and Amritsar and Lahore cities in particular. The Lahori menu at the restaurant, which is a big draw with visitors to the Retreat ceremony and among local residents, includes Chapli Kebab, Nihari Ghost, Bannu Kebab, Fish Korma, Miyanji ki Dal and Bakarkhani Roti. Lahore's leading designer Ansa Zafar has created furniture for Sarhad while Salah-auddin Michu has created ceramic jaali panels with exquisite motifs of the Lahore fort and Indus valley civilization. Pakistan's most celebrated truck artist, Haider Ali, has painted two Tata mini trucks in Pakistani truck art. These colourful trucks, with the slogan "India-Pakistan Friendship Zindabad" boldly emblazoned on the bonnet, are parked at Sarhad and are a big attraction for tourists. Aman, who studied Economics in Norway before venturing into food business, hopes that one day India and Pakistan could foster better ties through the gourmet route.