Legendary Actor Dildar Bhatti Remembered On 28th Death Anniversary

Legendary actor Dildar Bhatti remembered on 28th death anniversary

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th Oct, 2022 ) :Legendary TV, Radio comp�re, columnist, author and actor Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti was remembered on his 28th death anniversary, wherein people from various walks of life through media platforms paid him glowing tributes for his unforgettable services in the entertainment industry.

He was born in Gujranwala on November 30, 1948, Dildar Parvaiz Bhatti, a beloved composer of tv and radio, who was home to hundreds of hearts in short stories, was unparalleled in his present response.

His early education was in Gujranwala city of Pakistan. Dildar received many trophies by winning debating competitions throughout school and college, electronic channels reported.

After completing masters in English Literature, Bhatti started his career as an English lecturer at Govt college Sahiwal.

Within a year, he relocated back to his home city Lahore, working at government college. His second career in entertainment industry started from Radio Pakistan in early 70s, where he hosted a program called Sohni Dharti.

The transition from radio to TV didn't take long In 1974, when he was given the opportunity to program on television, his public style gained national fame.

In 1987, after the success of the TV programs 'Takra, Yashishbheer, and Jawan Thought,' he programmed the festival, in 1990, the fair was renamed as 'Panjand', which is known to this day.

Dildar Pervaiz compared many live entertainment shows presenting various talented artists of Pakistan.

The live shows prominent Pakistani artists included, Asif Javed, Afshan Begum, Trannum Naz, Rajab Ali, Shujat Ali Bobby, Shahida Aziz, Shaukat Ali, A. Nayyar, Akhlaq Ahmed, Surriya Khanum, Masood Rana and Naheed Akhtar.

Dilward Pervez Bhatti has also authored books which include 'Dildaris', 'Aamna Saamna' and 'Dilbar Dilbar'.

On October 30, 1994 Bhatti died from a brain haemorrhage soon after performing at an event in New York.