Load-management Being Carried Out In High Losses Areas: Spokesman


Load-management being carried out in high losses areas: Spokesman

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 19th Jul, 2020 ) :The Spokesman Ministry of Power Division has clarified that load-management was carried out only on the basis of lines losses and power pilferage adding that it was not linked with any specific areas, color, and creed etc.

Reacting to a statement given by Sindh Energy Minister, the Spokesman said that sufficient electricity was available in the system and offered to get uninterrupted power supply but subject to ending power pilferage.

"Neither electricity is being generated free of cost nor it can be supp lied free to the consumers," he said in a statement issued here Sunday. The Sindh government never provided legal assistance to the power distribution companies.

He said the provincial government also did not provide any support to the DISCOs in anti- power theft drive. In some cases, the Sindh government supported the influential people involved in the power pilferage and interfered to register FIRs against them.

He said the people could not be deceived through political statements about load-management.

The spokesman said the Sindh government has representatives in both boards of directors of Sukkur and Hyderabad Electric Supply Companies and they were fully empowered in policy matter.

It is pertinent to mention here that load-management policy and other matters were devised after approval of respective BoDs.