Custom Act 1969 Repealed On Request Of KP Government: NA Told


Custom Act 1969 repealed on request of KP government: NA told

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Augst,2016) : Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar Monday describing revoking Custom Act 1969 from Provincially Administered Tribal Areas (PTA) as another feather in government's cap said it was repealed on request of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. Speaking in the National Assembly, the minister said he had promised with lawmakers of the opposition and the treasury benches that Custom Act 1969 would be repealed upon the Prime Minister's return from abroad. He said he had fulfilled his commitment and the Act was repealed just ten days after the Prime Minister's return.

He recalled that Custom Act 1969 was enforced in PATA in light of a summary forwarded by Chief Minister KP, however, after two months, the same was repealed when KP chief minister again sent a summary seeking its revoking from Kohistan and Malakand divisions' eight districts in view of poverty and backwardness of these areas.

Dar said under Article 246, PATA fall under purview of President who had accepted summary of the prime minister to repeal the Act.

Meanwhile, lawmakers had appreciated the government for repealing the Act. Dr Abidur Rehman expressed gratitude on behalf of people of Malakand division to the prime minister who repealed Custom Act 1969, saying the Federal government had healed up the wounds of people causes by KP government's policies. He said people were celebrating the particular measure saying it had won hearts and minds of people of Malakand.

Sher Afgan Malakand was a poverty-stricken region which had protested against the Custom Act 1969, adding forced power loading should be ended in the area. Other speakers including Hajji Ghulam Bilour, Junaid Khan also expressed thanks to federal government for repealing the custom Act, saying it was the right decision and would help improving living standards of people.