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BISE Malakand

BISE Malakand established in 2008. Firstly, the district Malakand was a protected area of KPK. Particularly after 1970, it turned into a district as Malakand District. In the beginning, BISE Malakand was working under BISE Peshawar. Moreover, after the increase in students, it got separated and operated independently. Furthermore, it is located at Chakdara, Lower Dir of KPK. Perhaps it is a small sector of KPK Board, but it is working best in its service.

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Domains of BISE Malakand

Further, the districts that are under the supervision of BISE Malakand are the following:

  • District lower Dir
  • District upper Dir
  • Malakand agency
  • Bajaur agency

Mainly, there are two districts and two agencies in BISE Malakand.

BISE Malakand

Services of BISE Malakand

Specifically, the services that BISE Malakand provide are the following:

  • Importantly, it gives the document's verification.
  • Moreover, it provides enrollments to the candidates from the middle to higher secondary education.
  • Furthermore, it distributes Roll no slips among the students.
  • Most importantly, it also includes Affiliation to private sectors of the districts.
  • Specifically, it allows online registration.
  • Notably, it distributes the results among the students.
  • Further, it also gives the services of the re-totaling of papers.

The Academic Responsibilities of BISE Malakand

  • Particularly it determines the eligibility of candidates to attempt the papers.
  • Further, it allows the conductance of papers per CBC minutes and the Board's instructions.
  • Moreover, it applies to the curriculum courses among all the districts under its supervision.
  • Specifically, the Ministry of Education allows the courses to BISE Malakand.
  • Furthermore, it has all the authority to either reject or accept the Affiliation of Institutions.
  • Individually, it distributes the prize among the merit students of the Board.
  • Mainly, it gives scholarships to the deserving candidates also.
  • Most importantly, it keeps an eye on the working of Board staff and investigates the Board Authorities.

Affiliation with BISE Malakand

The affiliation process of government and private institutions is different as:

For Government institutions: Primarily, the government institutions send their list of eligible students to the Board. Consequently, the Board inspects the institution with EDO. Similarly, it can reject or accept the request of the institution.

For Private institutions: Firstly, private sectors send an appeal of the exam conductance to the Government. Further, after the inspection and checking of eligibility, the Board can permit Examinations.

Management of BISE Malakand

  • Chairman: Primarily, the chairman holds the complete authority of the Board.
  • Secretary: Importantly assists the chairman, controls administration, responsible for arranging meetings, and checking of Finance.
  • Examination Controller: Particularly conducts all exams within all districts, appoints examination staff, and supervise the things until the declaration of the result.
  • Assistants: Specifically, all the assistance of the Board assist their particular bosses in controlling exam issues.
  • Audit Officer: Importantly supervise the audit side of the Board and processes all the payments within the Board.
  • Computer Branch: This branch is responsible for the transferring of all the document work in the districts. Moreover, it also facilitates the Board with all computerized records.
  • Admin Officer: Similarly, it maintains the BISE complex and assists the Secretaries in administration.
  • Sports Office: Preferably, all the sports office members are responsible for maintaining the Co-curricular activities on the Board.


I conclude that BISE Malakand is a well-managed board of KPK. Moreover, it provides management services to the staff as well as students. Further, the affiliation procedures also make it easier to handle.

Importantly, it regulates the process of examinations online. Furthermore, students can get their demanding information through a single platform.

Q. When was BISE Malakand Established?

BISE Malakand established in 2008.

Q. Which Districts come under BISE Malakand?

The districts that are under the supervision of BISE Malakand are the following:
  • District lower Dir,
  • District upper Dir,
  • Malakand agency,
  • Bajaur agency

Q. Where is the office of BISE Malakand?

it is located at Chakdara, Lower Dir of KPK. It is a small sector of KPK Board, but it is working best in its service.

BISE Malakand Board is the supervisory body of the locale and has a duty to sort out the primary, middle, matric and intermediate exams for the concerned students. The partnered regions are District Malakand Agency, Dir Lower, Bajaur Agency and Dir. All the matric part 1 and part 2 and intermediate part 1 and part 2 exams are composed such that every one of the students could get the exact results.

Moreover, it picks examiners and supervisory staff who lead the annual examinations. Malakand Board ensures the game plan of fundamental offices in the joined forces foundations. After the declaration of results, high-scorer students are conceded with honors and testaments. Other than educational programs exercises, Malakand Board guarantees the progression of games, declamation challenges by holding sports competitions, and so on. To find out more about Malakand Board, keep visiting this site.

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