Police Finalize Elaborate Security Plan For Upcoming Urs In Sehwan

Police finalize elaborate security plan for upcoming Urs in Sehwan

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th Feb, 2024) The Sindh police have prepared an elaborate plan to ensure security in the Sehwan town of Jamshoro district during the upcoming 3-day Urs celebrations of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar (RA).

According to the security plan, around 5,000 cops would be deployed in the town for security.

The town has been divided into 2 sectors with the first sector consisting of 3 zones and the second sector consisting of 5 zones.

ASP Rana Muhammad Dilawar of Hyderabad police will head the sector 1 and ASP Muhammad Amir Shahzad of Sukkur police will lead the sector 2.

Meanwhile, each of the zone will be headed by a DSP.

The police will lay immovable and flexible barriers to control the movement of traffic.

The entire town including the shrine will be monitored by separate surveillance teams with the help of 500 CCTV cameras.

The police have also established a control room while a police reporting centre will also offer its services during the days of Urs.

Separate parking lots for public transport vehicles, cars and motorbikes will be set up in different parts of the town while the movement of traffic in the town will be kept restricted in order to allow pedestrians to freely move around Sehwan.

Besides the regular police, the Anti Riot Squad, the Crime Scene Unit and Anti Swimming Unit, which will enforce the ban on swimming in the town’s canals and distributaries, will also remain in the field in addition to the rescue teams.

The police are removing encroachments in the shrine’s vicinity while the route connecting the shrine with the Sehwan Fort Rest House will also be kept clear for the VIP movement.

All hotels, restaurants and private houses providing rental accommodation are being combed in Sehwan to ensure that no terrorist was present in the town which witnessed a suicide bombing claiming over 90 lives in February 2017.

The Bomb Disposal Squad will repeatedly check the shrine throughout the day.

The police will also have to keep a check on the people raising political or sectarian slogans.