Samsung Introduced A Special Phone For Olympic

Samsung introduced a special phone for Olympic

(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 19th July, 2016) : Apple and samsung are the most popular smart phones in the world. And if you like the Samsung phones, the good news is that it has introduced a new limited edition smart phone.

Yes, Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S Edge’s Olympic Limited Edition while keeping the Olympic Games under consideration.

This smart phone is equipped with all the features of the Galaxy S Edge but has Olympic rings on its block body.

The fingerprint sensor has a yellow circle around it, speaker buttons are of red and green colors and has been cast a blue ring around the Camera. It has the Rio 2016 Olympics app inside it, which enables you to receive updates and results in real time.

Samsung says, only 2016 devices of this phone will be offered for sale around the world. It costs US $ 850 hundred Dollars more than the normal Galaxy S Edge.

Samsung introduced a special phone for Olympic