Zeeshan Aziz - Meet One Of The Leading Pakistani Digital Media Journalist And YouTube Expert

Zeeshan Aziz - Meet one of the leading Pakistani digital media journalist and YouTube expert

Zeeshan Aziz is Group Manager at UrduPoint and YouTuber Expert in Pakistan having more than 5 years experience of digital journalism and YouTube.

In Pakistan for the longest period and to some extent even today you will find that individuals’ passion and education don’t necessarily match. Our degrees mostly revolve around some combination of the going trend, dictation by parents and a calculation of what kind of financial security this piece of paper will bring. While these factors do hold some merit the lack of consideration for individual interests and aptitude is leading to a lot of unfulfilled dreams.

However, there are people who end up intertwining both the ends and carving a path for themselves. Zeeshan Aziz, Group Manager and Journalist, UrduPoint is one such example.

Zeeshan Aziz is a digital media journalist, having more than 5 years experience in journalism on current affairs and international politics along social issues. Aziz is known as a YouTube expert in Pakistan with vast experience about YouTube content, content strategy and YouTube revenue generation.

Christiane Amanpour said, “I believe that good journalism, good television, can make our world a better place.”

The world that we live in today, you have to be quite passionate about journalism in order to pursue it as a career. Many a times it can prove to be a thankless job, but those who have a knack for it cannot be deterred from it, no matter whatever the odds.

Facebook headquarters in Singapore
Facebook headquarters in Singapore

Time proved the early adopters like Zeeshan right as digital media quickly expanded from being a small unit of the field of journalism to now becoming an equal and important branch. To the extent that those who back in the day refused to see the writing on the wall are now struggling to catch up.

Zeeshan however, was not one of those. He is one of those individuals who in time developed their content creation skills. He is now one of the leading names in the local industry when it comes to not just video content creation but also in terms of graphics which are a key component that determine the success of any content.

Signing Media Partner of COMSATS University Lahore Campus
Signing Media Partner of COMSATS University Lahore Campus

Sharing his take on YouTube and breaking the myth that many have about the platform and content creators, that this is an easy way to make money and is wrongly still termed by many as a hobby or just a side hustle rather than a full time job, Zeeshan said;

People need to understand that to become a successful YouTuber, you need to have the right mix of passion and professionalism. It is a full time job just like any other and requires that you put in the hard work. Like anything else in life, here too there is no free lunch.

Talking about his tilt towards journalism and hard core news, Zeeshan Aziz added that the reason he opted for this as a career path was so he could contribute towards breaking the traditional biases in which the main stream media had started to operate. He wanted to once again make the general public the priority; to get factual information to them in real time and make them aware of all that was happening around them. In his opinion empowering the people with the right information is the first step to fixing our problems and initiating change that we are desperate to see in our society.

Zeeshan Aziz is also a public speaker at tech and journalism events. In 2019, he attended the Sahafi Summit at IBA, a skills youth summit in Multan, interviewed by Qasim Ali Shah Foundation and public speaker at COMSATS University Lahore. The same year, he also represented his media house at Google’s headquarters in Singapore for the Pakistan Image Day.

Google’s headquarters in Singapore - Pakistan Image Day
Google’s headquarters in Singapore - Pakistan Image Day

This year on 16 March, he was invited on the Morning Show of Public tv, as a digital media pioneer to talk about the importance and impact of the medium. Follow Zeeshan Aziz on Twitter @imziishan.