Musadik Hopes 'seamless' Flow Of Energy From Russia, CARs


Musadik hopes 'seamless' flow of energy from Russia, CARs

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th Jan, 2023 ) :Minister of State for Petroleum Dr Musadik Malik on Friday expressed confidence that Pakistan would be able to get a 'seamless' flow of energy from Russia and Central Asian Republics (CARs), once various 'mechanisms' discussed during the IGC meeting were implemented.

"We have discussed mutual relationship among Russia, Central Asian States and Pakistan; and come up with various mechanisms of connectivity to have a seamless flow of energy from Russia and Central Asia to Pakistan," the minister said while talking to media at the conclusion of the eighth session of the Russia-Pakistan Inter-Governmental Commission (IGC) here.

He said the geo-political reality confronted by all the regional countries had opened up "a new understanding, new opportunities, and new repositioning.

" Keeping these small constraints in the mind and actualizing our dreams, Musadik Malik said the IGC had come up with a plan in the energy sector "over the entire value chain." During the three-day IGC meeting, the minister said Pakistan discussed with the Russian side the upstream areas of working, carrying out seismic studies, and using artificial intelligence in oil and gas production in Pakistan under mutual cooperation.

"In the mid-stream area, we have discussed a very holistic and grand vision of how we basically can have energy sufficiency, unleashing the domestic energy market, and finally hopefully at some point in time, being an exporter of energy in the rest of the world," he said.