Pakistan Oil Prices, Pakistan Petroleum Prices and current Petrol Prices

Pakistan Petrol price and Petroleum prices. Current Super petrol price in Pakistan is Rs. 112.68 /Ltr, Pakistan, High Speed Diesel is Rs. 126.82 /Ltr and Light Speed Diesel is Rs. 88.62 /Ltr.
Update Time : 01-06-2019
Type Price
Premium (Super) Rs. 112.68 /Ltr
High Speed Diesel Rs. 126.82 /Ltr
Light Speed Diesel Rs. 88.62 /Ltr
Kerosene Oil Rs. 98.46 /Ltr

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Kia pichli govt k time patrol pe taxes no thy jo ab ap log dosry countries k tax ki bat kar ry hain nakam gvt ko defend kar ry hain us time patrol 64rs per ltr tha or imran sab kehty thy 40rs patrol ltr hona chaiye govt loot k kha ri hai awam ko tab ye taxes ni thy?

By: Ehtisham on 15-07-2019

Yha to rupees per litre hi . janab

By: Singh . Raaz on 15-07-2019

Asalam aliqum bhaiyo pakistan ky elwa jitne bhi mulk hai wahan aise he tex laga jata hai or pakistan mai abi bhi patrol py kam tex hai jitna dusre mulkon mai hai or jin mulkon mai patrol ka rate kam hai woh apna patrol khud nickalte hain yeah bannate hain

By: Ashar Soofi on 08-07-2019

Imran khan kaptaan should be resign and seating A knowledgeable person. Who better understanding and Contact between Gov and people. Patrol price ib kpk is 118 p/l. This is seen day bcs I give vote to Imran. #resignImraan Anyone country government wprk with people. In india's Pm moodi is 3 time Cm Of gis reguon state. What about our side pakistan. Our kaptaan sab is noun cm and never contact with ppl 2 gov. Amd also never follow protocol and embarrassing pakistan. Imran should resign

By: Kamran on 08-07-2019

Mai ne imran ko vote di thi. Ab apni galati ka ahsaas hua ha Choor zardari or choor nawaz ke door ma itni mehengai ni thi jitni Is ne kar di ha Har baat pe tex do Ma ne mobile pakistan se purchase kia ha or PTA se block ho gya ke sumugling ka ha 5 hazaar tax do. Mobile 8 hazar ka lia tha

By: Inaam Ur Raheem on 04-07-2019

Ab log khudkhuyaan karengy itni maanghaayan kareingy , lower class and middel class log peace gahe hain iss maanghaahi pe . Humare mulk m Wheat ,Rice ,cotton , And Diamond ,Gold ,Oil ,Geuss ,Petrol nikalta he fhir bi hum log pareshan he Afsos wali bat hai , kiya system he yahan ka.

By: Dewan Mukesh on 04-07-2019

Fair price of petrol, given the Pak rupee depreciation should be about Rs165/litre. Check global petrol prices for comparison, including developing countries that are not rich in oil.

By: Nirjhar Gupta on 04-07-2019

Too much high price of petrol and diesel

By: Ali on 03-07-2019

Qatar main 2 riyal ka litre pakistani 80 ruppay ka petrol litre hai

By: Asad Jahangir on 02-07-2019

Please stop the highest rate petrol rate Should be 85 rupees per liter

By: Musab Siddiqui on 02-07-2019

Youthiyo Mazy hayee hayee mazay mazay hayee hayee

By: Plmn on 02-07-2019

India me aakr lejaaao

By: Vishal on 02-07-2019


By: Waseemsheikh on 01-07-2019

Petrol price is to high chalo maldar log to dal sakty han gharibo ka kia hoga ! Har chez par taxs manggai

By: Usman on 01-07-2019

Bhai yaha hum ne 4 rupy petrol sasta kia hay

By: Armani on 01-07-2019

July ma Petro diesel rate Kya hoga

By: Kashif Farooq on 29-06-2019

Yahan to 115 Rs ka petrol rate chal raha hai janab

By: Zeeshan Ali on 27-06-2019

To much highest prices. Uff OMG how will drive poor people it’s destroying to ones 😭😓

By: LuQman Zeek on 27-06-2019

the price of petrol and cng is to high

By: Zia Ur Rehman on 25-06-2019

Petroleum Rates in Pakistan

Petroleum is basically a liquid that exists naturally below the earth’s surface. The color of petroleum varies giving yellow to blackish tint. The word petroleum comes from the combination of two words ‘petra’ meaning rock and ‘oleum’ meaning oil which gives petroleum its alternative name ‘fossil fuel’. Below the earth’s surface, it is believed to occur in the geological formations. Through the method of drilling, petroleum in raw form is extracted from beneath the earth and the technique of distillation is applied. Distillation separates liquid petroleum from the raw one that is extracted by drilling. Usually dead organisms like algae and zooplankton that are buried deep underneath the earth when subjected to immense heat and pressure form petroleum. Petroleum itself is only composed of crude oil but in raw form it may contain many type of liquid, solid and gaseous hydrocarbons.

Types of Fuels

Multiple types of fuels that are distilled from petroleum are;

  • Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Jet Fuel
  • Gasoline
  • Butane
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

History of Petroleum

In the old times, petroleum gained importance when its usage increased in industrial organic chemistry specifically when it was being used in synthesis of fertilizers, solvents, plastic, adhesives and pesticides. With its increased use in commercial aviation, the importance of petroleum kept on escalating in technology, economy and other sectors.

China was the first country to produce and use petroleum. In 347 A.D, China was producing petroleum through bamboo drilled wells. In 1795, British explorers did coverage of an industry in Myanmar that had many wells for extraction of petroleum. In Europe, Pechelbronn is considered to be the first site where petroleum was discovered and made ready for use. In 1848, a chemist James Young started a crude oil refining business in Derbyshire. The first ever oil refinery was built by a person named Ignacy Lukasiewicz in 1856. First commercial well was dug in 1853 in Poland, the next one was dug in 1857 in a region somewhere near Romania. In 1858, Canada made its first commercial well operational. In the start of 20th century, Russia was leading in the production of petroleum.

Most of the oil in the world is produced by Unites States, Russia and Saudi Arabia. 80% of the oil reserves are in Middle East where majority providers are Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. In 2018, United States was declared to be world’s largest producer of petroleum since they incorporated new techniques in drilling like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling.

Petrol Prices in Pakistan

Back in 1990’s, before the introduction of CNG, petrol was the only option of fuel for car owners. Since traveling was part of daily life, one had to pay for getting his car refueled no matter what the petrol rates were. Since other amenities were not that pricey at that time, paying a bit more for fuel wasn’t that big of an issue for car drivers back then. Petrol prices were around 0.5 USD per litre at that time. Since then petrol prices have been rising constantly. During Zardari regime, petrol prices became outrageously high which was one of the main reasons that a large number of Pakistanis got their vehicles settings converted for CNG use which was fairly cheaper than petrol. When Zardari regime ended, the petrol prices became considerably low and the Pakistani citizens were able to get their vehicles refueled for as low as 65 PKR per litre for a long time. Towards the end of Nawaz regime, nearly when interim government took over, the economic situation in Pakistan became a bit unstable leading to drastic changes in petrol prices. This was a crucial time for the citizens of Pakistan who were already putting up with inflation and financial instability in the country to pay so much for fuel. Since then government has been changed and increase in petrol prices has remained constant. Though people are not much pleased with this scenario, let’s see for how long their patience is tested.

Price Fixing

The price of petroleum and other derivates in Pakistan is determined by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). Price of petroleum depends on many factors, one of them being its supply. Lesser supply by OPEC to other countries causes a hike in it local price as well. Increased prices of distribution and marketing also heavily impact petrol prices as retail dealers add their profit to the total cost of fuel. Added federal and government taxes make petrol prices go further up. The prices are revised every month and can be checked online.