Petrol Prices in Pakistan - Check Petroleum Prices in Pakistan Today

Petrol Prices in Pakistan - At UrduPoint, you can check the Pakistan Petroleum prices today in rupees as it keeps on changing. The current Super petrol price in Pakistan is Rs159.86 per liter. Pakistan High-Speed Diesel price is Rs154.15 per liter, and Light Speed Diesel price in Pakistan is Rs123.97 per liter. Kerosene oil price in Pakistan is Rs126.56 per liter

Update Time : 16-02-2022
Type Price
Premium (Super) Rs. Rs159.86 /Ltr
High Speed Diesel Rs. Rs154.15 /Ltr
Light Speed Diesel Rs. Rs123.97 /Ltr
Kerosene Oil Rs. Rs126.56 /Ltr
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By: Qamarzaman on 18-04-2022


By: RANA NAEEM on 16-02-2022


By: RANA NAEEM on 16-02-2022

pitrol ke price kya he

By: Kashif Khan on 22-12-2021

In International Market, Now, Petrol prices going downward but In PAKISTAN still Increase. Everything link with Petrol as well as other prices also gone increase side. Whatever if Petrol prices gone down but nobody reduce their cost which increase base on Patrol.

By: M.Abdullah on 30-11-2021


By: Disal on 24-02-2021

ROK sako to ROK lo tabdile aai ha

By: Imran on 20-02-2021

In India Petrol cost is 90 rs per litre and disel 84 rs per litre but 1 indian rupee is equal to .46 pakistani rupee. That mean pakistani fuel price is approximately of half rate

By: Sajid on 09-02-2021

Mumbai me toh 93 indian rs per litre hai jo 204 pkr hota

By: Salman on 07-02-2021

/per liter petrol in karachi today

By: Sharjeel on 25-01-2021

Pk ptrol price 103 rupees and desel 107 rupees

By: Waqar on 17-01-2021

Bhai yaha india me aaj 22-12-20 ka petrol ka price 80 Rs ltr he or Diesel ka price 91 Rs ltr he, mene suna he wahan pakistan me petrol sasta mil raha he kya ye sahi he 46 ya 45 rs, ltr?

By: Amin on 22-12-2020

Narowal Dhamthal se kerosene oil mati ka oil 150 or lite Ml rha ha mhrbani kreen koi mnasb Jaga bata den plees

By: Asim Majeed Bajwa on 17-12-2020

Mery pass 500 leter Matti ka oil ha agr kise ko chahiye to rabita

By: M.siddique on 16-12-2020

Kya. Is br ptrol diesel ky rates mein izafa hoga ya kmi please btain!

By: Nouman Ali on 14-12-2020


By: HAMZA on 04-12-2020

At least in that case, don't raise money. For now, the price should be further reduced

By: Abdul Rafey on 01-12-2020

jesy log wasy huqmaran agr koi ghalti krta h to is ka azala bhi bhrta h sab sy phly hmmy khudko dekhna chahiye jis shaks ko hmm apny siro per musalat krty h wo hi hamary dushman h sab h bary

By: Hamza on 26-11-2020

What are you arguing about really? Army chief of staff Bajwa is collecting high taxes from all petrol sales in Pakistan, so he can expand his business interests which are in need of capital due to covid19. He is personally conducting his businesses in America to make sure his family have a good lifestyle, so please support him at this difficult time, because it isn't easy running a profitable business at this time in the US.

By: Jean Michel on 26-11-2020

Please Update oil price

By: Muhammad on 24-11-2020

Ya imran ne tho hud kur di.

By: Khan Sab on 17-11-2020

Har Dard Ki Dawa Hay. Har Marz Ki Dawa Hay. Qura'an Rooh Ki Ghiza Hay. Qura'an Rooh Ki Ghiza Hay.

By: Ghazala Chowdhry on 14-11-2020

In Government of Pakistan their is no rule. If you are powerful you can do every thing. Rules for fools

By: Muhammad Zafar on 13-11-2020

BWP me kerosene 200rs/litr mill raha he yahan price dene ka kya faida

By: SHOAIB MALIK on 24-09-2020

السلام علیکم UAE main per liter hai petrol

By: Malik Asad on 21-09-2020

Ae allah humein wapis nawaz sharif jaisa leader de deye humein niazi chor se jaan jhut de

By: Zohaib on 01-09-2020

Kia kal fuel price increase ho gi?

By: Muhammad Akmal on 31-08-2020

Afghanistan Mai 33 Afghani per litre petrol hai Jo ke 71 Pakistani rupy bnte hai. India Kay bajay Afghanistan say muazana krlo

By: Abdullah on 07-08-2020

Imran khan worst pm in wolrd he bager donate other county ps he scamming everyone!!!! lies

By: Unokown on 31-07-2020

Pakistan is the best

By: Kamal on 29-07-2020

Pakistan bikne wala hai china ko rok lo niyaji ko

By: Bengal Tiger on 23-07-2020

Pak Mein jo oil use hota he

By: Ali on 22-07-2020

Petrol/diesel ka rate Pakistan me abhi bhi bahut kam hai as compared to Here in india 87rupees/litre. 1 Indian rupee = pak rupees So petrol rate in Pakistan should be approx = 230 Pak rupees /litre So be relax

By: Ansarul on 06-07-2020

Kerosene oil yani Metti ka oil saraialamgir ma 120 litre mila rha hai. Or price 59 litre hai

By: Nasrullah Khan on 06-07-2020

Hukamat diesel petrol meenga dy kr tax leti ha tou yeh kya ha ab is ny tou record bana liye tax aur ab bhii kuch bewaquf awaam kehti ha vote dain gy sath os ka do jo sach boly

By: Shoaib Ehsal on 02-07-2020

I am explaining about the crisis in naya Pakistan . 1: unemployment increase during first 3 months imposing order of encroachment 2: High inflation 3: increase Poverty 4: commit kashmir issue to india 5: Tax Invasion on Pakistan's public 6: Petrol rare 7: No jobs for educated person 8: increase debit on Pakistan 9: Loss on different scenario 10: Covid 19 11: Bagging from other countries these is our new pakistan I am totally agree with above mentioned statement.

By: Amir Bhatti on 30-06-2020

Jaaniye k petrol prices kyun barheen

By: Shaheer Malik on 28-06-2020

I am explaining about the crisis in naya Pakistan . 1: unemployment increase during first 3 months imposing order of encroachment 2: High inflation 3: increase Poverty 4: commit kashmir issue to india 5: Tax Invasion on Pakistan's public 6: Petrol rare 7: No jobs for educated person 8: increase debit on Pakistan 9: Loss on different scenario 10: Covid 19 11: Bagging from other countries these is our new pakistan

By: Irfan on 28-06-2020

Purchase price. Even if you add, God-for-saken huge irrelevant and baseless taxes, the price of petrol should be not more than Rs 67 a Liter. And We Pakistanis are so dumb, we are still buying petrol at 97 Rs per liter. sp flash tool

By: Paula Williams on 28-06-2020

Jb petrol ki kemat ko zayada hi karna hai tu kam karne ki zarorat kaya hai.

By: Younas on 27-06-2020

Imran Khan Allah karey tu barbad ho jaye.

By: Arbaz on 27-06-2020

Afsoos is hukumat ki bari bari batian aur abhi bhe hamari kam akal aur bewakoof log imran khan ko bechara kehte hai jab ke wo aik number ka nikkama admi hai kise kam ka nahin hai is ko vote de ke mene aur mere ghar walo ne bohat bari ghalti ki

By: Junaid Pasha on 23-06-2020

Karocen chahi. rate par kahn milga ......

By: Sikander Hayat on 22-06-2020

Petrol are sale 200 per litr on shops and pso other pumps sale these petrol 90 per litr for these shopkepars and mini petrol pumps .

By: Zeeshan Akmal on 19-06-2020

assalamoalaikom dear sir agar matti k tail ka new kam shuru kia jay to kia prosis hoga orkam se kam kitna oil lena hoga plz koi halp karsakta hy to 923216335323

By: Hafiz Muhammad Zahid on 18-06-2020

Please try to Kerosen oil ..shorted in the karachi k oas hai wo black mai sale out karraha

By: Talha on 14-06-2020

المدینہ الیکٹرک

By: Ahsan Nawaz on 14-06-2020

Is car diesel is increased from 15 June in Punjab Pakistan? Tell me about this .

By: Sana Ullah on 12-06-2020

Carocine oil 120 k rate me mil raha hi lahore me.

By: Mian on 12-06-2020

Mitti ka taail lahore mein Rs 120/liter sale ho rha hai. Koi pochnay wala nhen. So i did a trick , filled up motorbike with 75Rs liter petrol and used petrol instead of mitti ka tail for painting purpose.

By: Hassaan on 12-06-2020


Petroleum is a liquid that exists naturally below the earth's surface. The color of petroleum varies, giving a yellow to blackish tint. The word petroleum comes from the combination of two words, 'petra' meaning rock and 'oleum' meaning oil which gives petroleum its alternative name 'fossil fuel'.

Below the earth's surface, it is believed to be present in geological formations. The drilling method extracts petroleum in raw form from beneath the earth, and distillation is applied. Distillation separates liquid petroleum from the raw one that is extracted by drilling.

Usually, dead organisms like algae and zooplankton are buried deep underneath the earth when subjected to immense heat and pressure become petroleum. Petroleum itself is only composed of crude oil, but it may contain many liquids, solid and gaseous hydrocarbons in raw form.

Types of Petroleum in Pakistan

Multiple types of fuels are distilled from petroleum. Following are the types of petroleum we require in Pakistan.

Premium (Super)

It is a common form of petrol in Pakistan that motorcycles and cars mostly use. Therefore there is a huge demand for Premium (Super) petrol in Pakistan.

High-Speed Diesel

It is the fuel of commercial vehicles in Pakistan. These are the vehicles that are powerful enough to go above 750 RPM speed.

Light Speed Diesel

It is the fuel of medium-speed engines. These are mostly off-road equipment and vehicles that have more power than personal use vehicles.


It is a commonly used petroleum item in Pakistan to light up the fire. It is also used to fuel small machines and equipment.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Pakistan imports LNG, and it is used to fuel up vehicles and fulfills household needs of natural gas.

History of Petroleum

In the old times, petroleum gained importance when its usage increased in the industry. Specifically, it was being used to synthesize fertilizers, solvents, plastic, adhesives, and pesticides. With its increased use in commercial aviation, the importance of petroleum kept on escalating in technology, economy, and other sectors.

China was the first country to produce and use petroleum. In 347 A.D, China produced petroleum through bamboo drilled wells. After that, in 1795, British explorers formed an industry in Myanmar that had many wells to extract petroleum.

In Europe, Pechelbronn is considered the first site where petroleum was discovered and made ready for use. In 1848, a chemist James Young started a crude oil refining business in Derbyshire.

The first-ever oil refinery was built by a person named Ignacy Lukasiewicz in 1856. The first commercial well was dug in 1853 in Poland; the next was dug in 1857 in a region near Romania. In 1858, Canada made its first commercial well operational. At the start of the 20th century, Russia was leading in the production of petroleum.

Most of the oil in the world is produced by United States, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. 80% of the oil reserves are in the Middle East, where the major providers are Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2018, United States was declared the world's largest producer of petroleum since they incorporated new techniques in drilling like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling.

History of Petrol Prices in Pakistan

Now let's discuss petrol prices in Pakistan history. Back in the 1990s, before the introduction of CNG, petrol was the only option of fuel for car owners. Since traveling was part of daily life, one had to pay for getting his car refueled, and people did not care about Pakistan petrol price today in rupees.

Since other necessities were not that pricey at that time, paying a bit more for fuel wasn't that big issue for car drivers back then. Petrol prices were around 0.5 USD per liter at that time. Since then petrol prices have constantly been rising.

During the Zardari regime, petrol prices became outrageously high, which was one of the main reasons many Pakistanis got their vehicles settings converted for CNG use which was fairly cheaper than petrol. When the Zardari regime ended, the petrol prices became considerably low. The Pakistani citizens could get their vehicles refueled for as low as 65 PKR per liter for a long time.

Towards the end of the Nawaz regime, nearly when the interim government took over, the economic situation in Pakistan became a bit unstable leading to drastic changes in petrol prices. This was a crucial time for the citizens of Pakistan, who were already putting up with inflation and financial instability in the country, to pay so much for fuel.

Since then the government has been changed, and the increase in petrol prices has remained constant. Though people are not much pleased with this scenario, petroleum prices are now at their highest peak in history. Let's see how lit will go in the future.

How Does the Government Fix the Price of Petroleum in Pakistan?

The price of petrol in Pakistan today and tomorrow is determined by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). The price of petrol in Pakistan tomorrow depends on many factors, one of them is its supply. Lesser supply by OPEC to other countries causes a hike in its local price as well.

Increased prices of distribution and marketing also heavily impact petrol prices as retail dealers add their profit to the total cost of fuel. Added federal and government taxes make petrol prices go further up. The prices are revised every month and can be checked online at UrduPoint.


At UrduPoint, you can check the petrol price in Pakistan today 2021 and the diesel price in Pakistan today 2021. This way, you can easily track the petrol price in Pakistan tomorrow and know how much money you will need to spend to get your vehicle refueled.