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PSX Stock Exchange Live

Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) inaugurated in 2016 is a hub for stock exchange and share buying and selling in Pakistan. Before 2016, three separate stock exchange markets were operating in Pakistan i.e. Karachi Stock Exchange that started its operations in 1947, Lahore Stock Exchange that started its operations in 1970 and Islamabad Stock Exchange that started its operations in 1992. Since the operations of these three separately working stock exchange markets were very much scattered and all over the place, the need for creation of one singular stock exchange market became more paramount. After its creation, Pakistan Stock Exchange has earned quite a name among all the stock markets of the world gradually making its way among the top three stock markets of the world. Its efficiency and productivity is something that is being praised by international media which is one of the key reasons why many of the foreign investors are willingly putting their money in Pakistani stocks adding to the growth of our economy.

Getting Familiar with Stock Market Terminologies

A stock market is also known as equity market in any country. Generally companies whose financial position is good put up their shares to be bought in the free market. Investors who buy these shares get a part of ownership of the company in the form of shares. This basically provides capital to the company which keeps its overall functioning smooth and free of losses. The word ‘stock’ might confuse a lot of people but breaking it down, stock of any company refers to share of ownership of that company so in general terms stock exchange means buying and selling of shares that takes place through formal exchanges or through ‘over the counter’ marketplaces. Investors tend to buy multiple stocks of various sectors so that at the end of the day their profit margin doubles or triples up in comparison with those who have lesser shares. In doing so, they eliminate their chances of loss as they have other shares to fill the profit void. In terms of a single stock, the volume of a stock indicates its level of trading over a specific period of time or the number of shares that changed during a day. The volume of any stock kind of determines the market trend. By looking at the volume of a specific stock, the investor makes up his mind whether he wants to invest in buying that stock or not. Stocks with high volume attract many investors as they get the convenience of buying or selling it any time they want. On the other hand stocks with low volume are a risky purchase and investors avoid them.

The Market Index

A market index tends to weigh several stocks from a specified section of a stock market and the price of those stocks is calculated, all of these representing a single index. Each country’s market indices represent its stock market and how the trends in that specific market have been changing over time. If an index price goes up then it means that the value of the stocks included in that index have also gone up in price which is why investors keep a close eye on market indices for putting their investment in the right and valuable stock. Most famous market indices are Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), S&P 500, and Russell 2000 from Unites States.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Live

Pakistan Stock Exchange Live encompasses 1,886 foreign investors and 883 local investors. The overall performance of PSX also keeps on improving with every passing day, attracting even more foreign bodies. The current indices in Pakistan Stock Exchange are;

  • KSE 100
  • KSE 30
  • KMI 30
  • BATI
  • OGTI
  • Islamic Shares

If you are an investor and plan on selling or buying stocks of any sort then it is essential to keep a check on changing prices of stocks in PSX live market watch. It would not only help you in decision making but could also earn you a ton of money in future. Updated prices of stocks and Index points can be checked online.