NEPRA Increases Electricity Price By Rs7 Per Unit


NEPRA increases electricity price by Rs7 per unit

The latest reports say that the electricity consumers will be burdened more with Rs66 billions by this increase.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Feb 27th, 2024) The price of electricity has been increased by more than 7 rupees overnight, burdening electricity consumers with an additional 66 billion rupees due to fuel price adjustments.

According to details, in response to the relentless storm of inflation that has left the helpless public in despair, NEPRA has dropped a new bomb of inflation overnight.

According to the reports, NEPRA has approved an increase of 7 rupees and 5 paisas per unit in electricity prices for consumers nationwide, excluding electric and lifeline consumers, resulting in an additional burden of 66 billion rupees on electricity consumers. The January fuel price adjustment will be reflected in the March bills of electricity consumers.

NEPRA has also issued a formal notification to increase electricity prices. According to media reports, NEPRA had completed the inquiry process with CPPA and NTDC on Monday and had decided to raise prices.

NEPRA Chairman, Waqar Mehtab, said that they are concerned about the request for a price increase in electricity, and they also have to face the conscience.

The authority should not be considered a rubber stamp; it has to protect the consumers.

An app regarding consumer complaints will be launched next month.

The CPPA officials stated that the January fuel price amounts to 7 rupees and 13 paisas. NTDC officials said that overall electricity production in the country remained relatively low during the current season.

A NEPRA member stated that due to the system in South North, nearly 50 percent of the 26 billion rupees of FCA will be borne by consumers. Departments are addressing issues among consumers in terms of burden.

NEPRA has issued orders to act on the recommendations in the inquiry report if satisfactory responses are not received regarding irregularities found in the billing of electric and DISCOs.

The authority has instructed distribution companies to immediately replace faulty meters within 2 months and bill based on actual meter readings.

The authority also stated that consumers whose category changed from protected to non-protected due to billing for more than 30 days from June 2023 should be corrected.