Reaping Bounties As Ramazan Culminates


Reaping bounties as Ramazan culminates

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 7th Apr, 2024) As the holy month of Ramazan culminates with all its bounties, the faithful sought Allah’s benediction Saturday night - during Laylatul Qadar (The Night of Decree) - 27th night of Ramazan.

It was one of the series of five Nights of Decree falling during last Ashra of Ramadan – a night better than thousands months worshipping and the most important segment of an Ashra defined for seeking Allah’s blessings (Jannah) and protection from Hell.

Starting from the first decade of blessing and benediction and then to second decade of forgiveness, this month culminates with salvage from Hell during last decade and entering one of Allah’s favorite Jannah (Paradise).

Additional to the Laylatul Qadr – also known as the Night of Power or the Night of Destiny – and besides all other charity and prayers - Aitkaaf (seclusion) is another hallmark of this decade.

Forgoing their families and societal duties, the faithful cut off themselves from everybody to pray in seclusion in an artificially erected cabin at a Mosque to seek forgiveness and benediction of Allah Almighty.

This is surely the peak of worshiping during this holy month when it is the last decade; there is Laylatul Qadar in odd nights; and then there is somebody restricting himself to seclusion diligently searching Allah’s benediction and blessings.

“We wait this month whole of year. This is Allah’s gift for us to gain certain level of piety and get our sins cleared,” said Aamir Chaudhry, a common citizen. “But, seeing my surroundings and comparing it with my childhood, it feels that people response to Ramadan has changed.”

In his 50s and a regular fast observing citizen, Aamir recalled his childhood with grandparents at a native village and said, “we could feel Ramadan all around - in everybody’s conduct, in wearing, talking, praying, meeting, business – almost everything. People were fearful of Allah in disrespecting anybody, abusing, fighting or deceiving others.”

“But, now the situation feels like a bit different. Today we live with evils like short measuring, lying, deceiving, adulterating, missing prayers and so on even during Ramadan,” he said. “So what change we feel, is increased number of devout at mosques and the volume of charity.”

Muslims engage in intensified devotion, prolonged prayers, recitation of the Qur'an, and supplications in a bid to deepen their spiritual connection and seek divine mercy and blessings during these precious nights.

Wrapped in contemplation and solitude, they devote themselves entirely to spiritual pursuits, seeking closeness to the Almighty.

Beyond personal spiritual endeavors, the final Ashra also underscores importance of Sadqa Fitr - a charitable act of Muslims providing sustenance and support to less fortunate in their communities.

Throughout Ramazan, the faithful exhibit unwavering patience and devotion, for introspection, renewal of faith and seeking blessings for years ahead.

“This Ramazan owes more responsibility on us amidst rising inflation and dearness,” said Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman, Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi. “In this situation, we need to be more vigilant about our neighbors, relatives and poor around us, upholding our spiritual aspirations of fasting and taking care of those hardly meeting ends.”

He said as Muslims dutifully observe fasting as a pillar of Islam, the prevalence of inflation undermines essence of compassion, empathy and social responsibility. “Therefore, it is obligatory on those affluent who can afford to help the deserving fellows, to come forward and share their woes. It is equally as good as any other spiritual endeavor.”

He regretted that inflation has been a persistent concern in Pakistan, exacerbating economic hardships for its population, particularly during Ramazan when food prices tend to surge unnecessarily.

“We, as Muslims need to reflect true essence of Ramazan in our deeds and conduct, beyond our personal piety to encompass compassion, empathy and social justice,” Ashrafi remarked. “We must actively and collectively address root causes of inflation and work for alleviating economic burdens faced by less fortunate.”

He also stressed the importance of governmental and societal efforts to curb inflation, implement price controls and ensure equitable access to essential goods.

This holy month not only teaches us a lesson of piety and god fearing but also the noble principles of brotherhood, forgiveness, tolerance and caring as enshrined in the scared teachings of Islam.

“This month teaches us tolerance, unity and promoting understanding among diverse religious communities,” observed President IRCRA, Muhammad Israr Madani. “Every year this month renews our commitments to Allah Almighty and compassion and empathy for fellow men.”

Israr Madani said as islam is religion of peace and tolerance therefore, Ramazan is an ideal month to promote interfaith harmony by organizing Iftar dinners and offering bounties to poor from different communities, sects or religions. “We need concerted efforts, communities’ integration and organizational support for promoting interfaith harmony and mutual cooperation.”

As the month comes to an end, it is departing leaving behind hopes for coming back again in our lives providing golden opportunity of cleansing our conscience from sins in line with the sayings of our great Holy Prophet that, “one who finds Ramazan in his life and fails to get his sins cleared, is an unfortunate.”

So fellow Muslims, just two days remaining to win Allah’s mercy and benediction and then to wait for an year to find it again.

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