Fool Proof Security Plan Devised To Ensure Peaceful Polling In

Mirpur District


Fool proof security plan devised to ensure peaceful polling in
Mirpur district

MIRPUR (AJK) , (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point news - 20th july, 2016): Police on Wednesday devised an integrated fool-proof security plan to maintain complete peace and order during polling to AJK Assembly elections in all four constituencies of Mirpur district scheduled to be held on July 21 police said. Talking to (APP) SSP Mirpur Raja Irfan Salim said that a total of 483 polling stations have been set up by the AJK Election Commission in all four Constituencies of Mirpur district comprising Dadayal, Chakswari, Mirpur city and Khari Shareef to facilitate a total of 2,39,000 computerized registered voters to exercise their right of vote to elect their four representatives to the 49-seat AJK State Legislative Assembly, lower house of the AJK parliament. Elaborating the SSP said that the every constituency in the district comprises one zone each containing 10 sectors each.

DSP will head each zone besides the Inspector or Sub Inspector level police officers would be in charge of each sector. The district police chief said that army officers and magistrates will also be present in and outside every polling station in each sector and zone to assist the civil administration for maintaining peace and order.

Irfan Salim said that ten each mobile teams of police and the army will remain alert and vigilant in each sector of every zone.

The police commandoes and army officers will be posted at sensitive and high sensitive polling stations, SSP said. He further said that all entry pointed leading to Mirpur district have been sealed for next three days through deployment of police and the army men to discourage the entry of any unscrupulous element from the neighboring districts of Punjab in to the territorial jurisdiction. The entry of unconcerned persons into the polling stations have been strictly prohibited to ensure holding of the polling in free, fair and transparent environment.

While the displaying or carrying of all sorts of licensed or unlicensed arms has been strictly prohibited under the section 144 CRPC across the district. The SSP said that no any voter or other person would be allowed to carry the mobile telephone in the polling booth or the polling station.