KP Budget Jugglery Of Words, PML-N Govt Puts Country Back On Track Of Development: Muqam


KP budget jugglery of words, PML-N Govt puts country back on track of development: Muqam

SWABI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th May, 2024) Federal Minister for States and Frontier Regions and Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir Affairs, Engr Amir Muqam here on Saturday said that the budget of KP was a jugglery of words and no significant relief was provided to the people. He said that most of statistics of KP budget were based on speculations and hypotheses and that no significant relief was provided to masses in any sector including social services.

Addressing Lahor Tehsil Bar after administrating oath to its elected office bearers, the minister said that it was highly astonished that the KP budget was presented before the federal budget this year and most of its statistics were based on speculations and hypotheses. He said that the provinces mostly presented its budget after analyzing the receipts, projects and allocations in the federal budget and include confirmed figures in its Annual Development Program.

Engr Amir Muqam said that the people of Khyber Pakthunkhwa could not be deceived on mere slogans and hypotheses any more. He said that people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had given mandate to KP rulers for solution of their problems and not for raising mere slogans and posting political gimmicks' posts and videos on social media for achieving cheap popularity. The people of Khyber Pakthunkhwa knew about elements that raised hollow slogans to take control of Governor House and PESCO, he said.

He said that people of Khyber Pakthunkhwa were custodians of these institutions and would frustrate the ill designs of such elements know for hallow sloganeering.

The federal minister expressed the hope that the KP rulers would show political maturity and sit with the federal government for resolution of problems of the province. He said that the confrontational and agitation politics of PTI were fully exposed before the nation.

Engr Amir Muqam expressed the hope that the KP rulers would learn less from the leadership of Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif who launched mega projects for the people in short period of time.

He said the KP was kept backwards by the PTI due to its poor policies and agitation polices in 10 years rule, resulting an increase of people problems.

Engr Amir Muqam said the Pakistan Muslim League Government has put the country back on the track of economic progress and development.

He said Pakistan has started moving back on road to prosperity and problems of the people are being addressed at their doorsteps. Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif is working tirelessly to take the country's out of existing challenges, he expressed.

Amir Muqam said that Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) was formed under the leadership of Prime Minister, Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif to attract foreign investments and stimulate the nation's economic growth. He said that vast opportunities in mines, mineral, gemstones and hydropower were existed for foreign investment in KP, adding that the federal govt was encouraging investment to alleviate poverty and generate employment opportunities for youth.

He said that the bench and bar were playing important role in provision of speedy justice to the litigants. He said that lawyers had played important role in countering of challenges confronted by the country in the past.

Engr Amir Muqam expressed the hope that the elected cabinet of the Lahor Tehsil Bar would play constructive role in resolution of lawyers problems. He suggested increase of election tenure of the Bar to address issues of lawyers.