Political Cohesion Imperative For Full NAP's Implementation To Exterminate Terrorism: Politicians


Political cohesion imperative for full NAP's implementation to exterminate terrorism: Politicians

PESHAWAR (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th August, 2016) : The Quetta bombing has necessitated effective implementation on National Action Plan (NAP) to exterminate terrorism and extremism from the country, which requires national cohesion of mainstream political parties and civil society focusing strengthening hands of present democratic elected government. This was the main gist of the comments obtained from the leaders of various political entities of Khyber Pakthunkhwa who were unanimous on defeating menace of terrorism with iron hands by rising above party politics and shunning the petty differences in their ranks and files as it involved national integrity and solidarity. PMLN Parliamentary Leader in KP Assembly, Sardar Aurganzib Nalota told APP on Tuesday all political forces were agreed on the National Action Plan as it provides a comprehensive guidelines to defeat terrorism. Nalota said work on NAP was successfully underway in the country and was producing very positive and tangible results.

Due to present Govt effective strategy under the NAP, incidents of terrorism has been significantly reduced and overall law and order situation improved in the country including Karachi, Khyber Pakthunkhwa and Balochsitan. "The Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif rushed to Quetta after the bombing and expressed heartfelt condolences with victims' families besides inquiring health of injured." "The visit of PM to Quetta reaffirmed the strong resolve and commitment of the Government in the fight against terrorism, saying time was not for away when complete peace would be restored in the country," he explained. He said enemy through such cowardice attacks was making unsuccessful attempts to block $46billion Chinese direct investment under CPEC, saying such dark elements would not success in their nefarious designs. Wajid Ali Khan, ANP leader and former Provincial Minister while commenting on the recent bombing in Quetta said terrorism was still existed in the country which needed a collective struggle to root out this menace.

He underscored the need for retuning the NAP to meet the present day challenges in effective manner before the thing goes worst. Such tragic episodes will continue to happen if NAP was not implemented in letter and sprit, he said, adding agencies involved in curbing this menace needed to be strengthened besides serious efforts required to block all the ways and means of funding of banned outfits.

Wajid Ali said KP and Balochistan being in the fore front of terrorism, were the worst hit disaster provinces and the Quetta's bombing reminded again the barbaric mindset of evil forces that they have no regards for humanity and religion. The entire nation, he said, standby with victims of terrorism of Quetta bombing and shared their grief and sorrows through which they are passing through. The ANP leader regretted that KP has been handed over to agitators and sloganeers and people problems in KP increased.

The ANP leader said instead of supporting federation in fight against terrorism, the PTI Chairman was concentrating on agitation politics in order to get cheap popularity and paid a deaf year to the issue of terrorism. He said PTI Aug 7 rally was completely flopped as people of KP distanced themselves from agitation and did not come on roads as expected by PTI leadership despite the use of official machinery. The veteran politician said in a democratic setup parliament was the best forum to take and address an issue and urged Imran Khan to come to parliament and raise their problems on the floor of the house. Former President PPP KP and ex Senior Minister, Rahimdad Khan said attack on hospital in Quetta reflected the barbaric and deadly mindset of terrorists that they have no regards for humanity including doctors and poor patients and time has come to take decisive action against them. To defeat menace of terrorism, he said implementation of NAP, which was unanimously passed in All Parties Conference (APC) following APS attack in Peshawar, was the need of the hour. Rahimdad Khan said political instability, economic imbalances, corruption and low literacy encourages terrorism and urged all political forces to get united and work for strengthening of democracy which was panacea of all ills. Eradication of corruption, good governance, implementation on NAP, economic development, political stability, promotion of education, continuity of democracy and strengthening of democratic institutions was imperative for exterminating menace of terrorism, he suggested.