PTI Weaken Anti Corruption Watchdogs To Protect Corrupt Elements In KP: Lawmakers


PTI weaken anti corruption watchdogs to protect corrupt elements in KP: Lawmakers

PESHAWAR (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th july,2016) : The lawmakers from opposition parties here Monday said that Pakistan Tahrik-e-Insaf Government has weakened anti corruption watchdogs to protect its corrupt elements in the province. Parliamentary leader of PMLN in Khyber Pakthunkhwa Assembly, Sardar Aurangzaib Nolota while commenting on the proposed protest of PTI in front of NAB Office, said Ehtesab Commission in Khyber Pakthunkhwa has been weakened by PTI rulers in order to protect its corrupt elements in the province. He said the sterling revelations made by the former Director General Ehtesab Commission Lt Gen (Retd) Hamid Khan following his resignation had exposed the tall claims of PTI Government for across the board-accountability and good governance in the province. Nalota said PTI setting minister Ziulalh Afridi was arrested on charges of corruption while Qumi Watan Party was again allowed to join PTI coalition Government after its ministers quit the provincial government following corruption allegations by PTI Imran Khan. He said PTI, which voted for bringing change in KP, has in fact deviated from its manifesto as corruption and other malpractices in the governance system were still intact as it existed during the previous regimes. Nalota said PML-N was the only party that has ensured transparency and good governance in the country and the county was moving forward on road to progress and development.

He said if anybody has any proof of corruption, nepotism or irregularity can approach to the appropriate forums for addressal. Nalota said landslide victory of PMLN candidates in AJK elections reflected the unshakable trust and confidence of masses in the policies and leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

He said the recent historic success of PMLN in AJK, by election in Peshawar PK8 and local bodies demonstrated that people wanted solutions of their problems and development.

The people of AJK has rejected Dharna and agitation politics and protestors to get the same fate in general election like of AJK polls. Rushad Khan, Member Provincial Assembly while commenting on PTI's announced protest call in front of NAB office and August 7 anti corruption campaign, said people knew what PTI has done with its owned established Ehtesab Commission in Khyber Pakthunkhwa. He said PTI own MPAs and MNAs have openly expressed their concerns over slow accountability process, unjust distribution of development of funds and corruption in KP that was matter of great concerns for PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Chief Minister Pervez Khattak. Rushad Khan said PTI Chief August 7 agitation call and NAB protest would fail like his Islamabad Dharna as people was fed up with protests and sits and wanted solution of their problems.

He said Dharna politics was nothing but to create hurdles in way of development and self sufficiency in energy. Saleh Muhammad MPA said PTI NAB and August 7 protest calls would face the same fate like that of Islamabad Dharna. He said the PTI dissidents has openly expressed reservations over the slow pace of accountability in Khyber Pakthunkhwa.

Saleh said if PTI Chairman Imran Khan wanted to become Prime Minister of Pakistan, he should do mature politics and deliver in KP for well being of masses. Otherwise, PTI will face the same fate like of AJK election in 2018 general elections. He said judiciary and NAB was an independent institutions and any person or organization can knock these institutions for settling of corruption cases.