PBBF Suspend KBBA Officials Over Misconduct

PBBF suspend KBBA officials over misconduct

ISLAMABAD, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th May, 2024) Pakistan Basketball Federation (PBBF) General Council has suspended the President of Karachi Basketball Association (KBBA) and other officials for violation and misconduct.

PBBF General Council suspended Ghulam Muhammad Khan, President KBBA and other officials in a decisive move to uphold integrity and discipline within its ranks, said a press release.

These decisions were taken during the general council meeting of the Pakistan Basketball Federation, presided by PBBF President Brig. (R) Iftikhar Mansoor here at local hotel and was attended by all stakeholders.

Ghulam, who also attended the meeting accepted his mistakes, tendered an apology, and recommended Senior Vice President Muhammad Yaqoob as his interim successor. Amidst this central decision, the PBBF council also ratified the establishment of a Scrutiny Committee.

This body is tasked with assessing the clubs in Karachi, aiming to pave the way for transparent elections within the next 90 days for KBBA, followed by elections for the Sindh Basketball Association.

Further disciplinary actions were imposed on two KBBA officials Zafar Iqbal and Zain Ul Abideen, who faced a three-year ban and a fine for severe misconduct and inappropriate behavior during the Divisional Basketball Championship Grade B in Quetta.

Usman Paracha from Khanewal was banned for falsely representing PBBF and misconduct, with his case being referred to the Multan Division Basketball Association for further proceedings.

Three players from MEPCO, a subsidiary of Wapda, were banned and fined for illegitimately representing themselves as part of the Multan Division Basketball Association during the All-Punjab SONA Basketball Tournament in Rahim Yar Khan. Similarly, a player from LESCO was fined for use of abusive language and misconduct during the recent WAPDA Inter Unit Basketball Tournament.

Additional fines were levied on one player from LESCO, Rawalpindi, POF, Rangers for multiple violations of the PBBF’s transfer policy.

These five players are directed to submit affidavits affirming their commitment to not repeating such violations, with the stern warning that further infractions could lead to lifetime bans. Their current bans are conditional, to be lifted upon the payment of their respective fines.

PBBF also finalized the Calander of Activities and the implementation of Developmental programs for Players, coaches, Referees and statisticians in view of the upcoming South Asian Games in Pakistan.