Peshawar Region Claims Squash Male Trophy In KP U-23 Games

Peshawar Region claims squash male trophy in KP U-23 Games

PESHAWAR, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th May, 2024) The team of Peshawar Region on Thursday won the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa U-23 Squash Championship by performing brilliantly with Khushal Riaz comes up as victorious against top seeded Shamlan in the first single played at newly constructed four-class walled Hayatabad Squash Complex.

The competitions were held at Hayatabad Squash Complex Peshawar. In these competitions, trials were held under the supervision of Manoor Zaman, Tahir Iqbal and Muhammad Adil Faqir, senior coaches of the Directorate General of Sports KP for the selection of a five-member team of Peshawar region.

In the trials, the squash team consisting of Khushal Riaz Khan, Fawad Hussain, Fahad Sharif, Jawad Ali Khan and Mohammad Azhan Khalil was selected.

The team of Peshawar region was invincible in these squash competitions and qualified for the final by winning their first match against Mardan region and the second round match against Kohat region.

In the final, Peshawar faced Hazara Region, in the final, Khushal Riaz Khan of Peshawar Region defeated Wajihullah of Hazara and Azan Khalil of Peshawar defeated Shamlan Gul and thus Peshawar Region won the Squash Championship of KP U-23 Games.

On this occasion, the winning team of Peshawar Region appreciated the performance of Directorate General of Sports KP and KP Squash Association, District Sports Officer Gul Rukh and coaches for the promotion of sports in the province and expressed that squash players are more hard working and their dedication will bring Pakistan back glory in the world of squash.