Pakistani Pilgrim's Honesty, Tech Aid Return Lost Valuables To Family

Pakistani pilgrim's honesty, tech aid return lost valuables to family

MAKKAH AL-MUKARRAMAH, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th May, 2024) in a heartening tale of integrity and modern innovation, a Pakistani pilgrim Amir Hameed's honesty, coupled with the assistance of technology, facilitated the return of lost valuables to a grateful family.

"I spotted an unattended small handbag resting on a seat of one of the buses, part of the fleet dedicated to ferrying pilgrims between the Haram Sharif and the hotels housing the Hujjaj. Respecting the sanctity of the belongings, I refrained from opening it and promptly alerted the support staff stationed in the transport section," Amir recounted to APP during his interview.

Amir, a 37-year-old native of Sialkot, Pakistan, explained that the transport staff acted swiftly by utilizing the Pak Hajj mobile app. Through the QR codes embedded on the special identity cards issued to all Hujjaj, they were able to trace the rightful owner of the bag without delay.

Muhammad Ajmal, the Chief of Transport at the Pakistan Hajj Mission (PHM), informed APP that the owner was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from the team even before he had officially lodged a lost-property report with the Lost and Found Cell.

He disclosed that the bag contained 9,000 Saudi Riyals, Pakistani Currency, an iPhone, crucial cards, and documents. Following the completion of all necessary formalities, the entire array of belongings was promptly returned to the family, who hailed from Karachi.

Amir Hameed's exemplary display of honesty not only facilitated the restoration of the family's lost valuables but also served as a beacon illuminating the spirit of integrity and trust at the core of the Hajj pilgrimage. His commendable action resonates as an inspiration, reminding us of the profound values that unite the global Muslim community.