Non Profit Educational NGOs in Pakistan

Education System in Pakistan is still in development phase, the government of Pakistan is trying hard to improve the education system in the country, apart from the governmental efforts there are dozens of NGOs which are helping to improve the education system of Pakistan. These non profit educational organizations provide excellent education services to poor and needy students in Pakistan. There are hundreds of schools and colleges managed by these NGOs in Pakistan. We have compiled a complete list of NGOs operating in Pakistan, including their profiles and contact details.

Educational NGOs In Cities of Pakistan

List of Non Profit Educational NGOs in Pakistan

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Good morning, my name is Imran gul I am 18. Year old . I complete Fsc my fahter and mother death and I am one year old but some problem my higher education no money no support please help me my watsapp number: 92435604599

By: Imran Gul on 17-02-2023

Respected sir, My name is zeeshan I am belong to city Toba Tek Singh I have a seven years experience different reputed colleges

By: Zeeshan Javeed on 08-09-2022

Help me please

By: Rabi on 21-08-2022

Help me please

By: Rabi on 21-08-2022

Help me please

By: Rabi on 21-08-2022

I am Hishmat Rai from village pabuhar taluka mithi district tharparkar Being from remote and desert area of tharparkar, where you rarely see the education and health facilities. I am lucky I have done my schooling from tharparkar and now I am doing BBA. I want to educate my society my village for that I need financial support through which I can manage there education expenses and on 6th march I have arranged a educational fair For that I also need financial support. Kindly support so can easily manage my all expenses.

By: Hishmat Rai on 24-02-2022

Aoa I m orphan my father is died I m a student of 10th class please help me for my education expence

By: Laiba on 16-02-2022

Statement Of Purpose Respectfully. My name is Safdar Ali and I am writing this Statement on behalf of my grandson named Sajid Zain Studying in Cadet College Murree class 8th. Subject : A full fee concession: I Safdar Ali belong to District Kurram is a Retired FC as a Lance Naik having Three Grand Sons, is responsible to look after my family. I have few difficulties that are hindering me to pay School fee for my children probably for my Grandson Sajid Zain a student of Cadet College Murree. My son is the sole bread earner to Support me and my children(Grandsons) It is disappointed to say that my son has Spinal card issues down the neck and is being treated for it Since the beginning. Being, I an aged and my only son support, it is very hard to overcome the conditions, and unfortunately my son’s earning are very limited. I am a proud Grand father who wishes to educate my children(Grandsons) and one of my Grandson named Sajid zain is studying in Cadet College Murree Pakistan. It is humble request to please give me full fee concession in this critical situations. Sajid Zain is talented and bright student and score high in his class. He puts his maximum effort into every assignment, asking for extra help when he needs it, spending the time to study for tests and quizzes, and recognizing weaknesses and looking for ways to improve. He is ambitious, sincere well behaved and calm and focused on his targets. I am Retired from (FC) (Wing2) as a Lance Naik in Miran Shah and I am still alive. I have done my service with proud in different parts of Pakistan. I have attached the service Documents Contact #00923059963116 Contact#00923055996271

By: Safdar Ali on 19-11-2021

My name is humaima Khalid . I completed my fsc from government college Peshawar. Now I want to take admission in University . But I can't afford University expenses. I belong to very family. My father is tailor . I need money for University expenses . please help u very much

By: Humaima Khalid on 17-10-2021

By name result

By: Sadiqa Pirzada on 17-09-2021

Aaslam o Alaikum My name is Muhammad Hamza and now I am in 1st year my there are many problems due to that I think I can't continue my study but the major problem is that I have no vehicle to go my college and know how to ride a bike very well but I haven't money to buy it and I have don't have a bicycle if I have I go college on it but I haven't it if some wants to help me please contact on my number 03130377389 Thank you

By: Muhammad Hamza on 09-09-2021

Assalam o alaikum My name is Usama Iqbal. I am a university student. My father was died since 2002 and brother is working as a lobour. Due to financial crisis these days i cant pay my semester help me cntct:03099892941

By: Usama Iqbal on 26-08-2021

Asalamu alaikum. I want to open my own school for the education of children bit I have not enough money to invest. Kindly help me regards this issue.

By: Ashfaq Ahmad Khan on 31-07-2021

My niece have to take asmission in BS this year she is a brilliant student and she belongs to a poor background also she have some disabilities if someone wants to help her getting admission in BS or provide scholarship for her then please contact me. 0308-3487160

By: Abdul Wahab on 13-07-2021

I need money help for my study

By: Hazarat Imam Hussain on 05-07-2021

student of virtual university of doing msc from my 4th nd last semester of lms is blocked due to unpaid please help me regarding my is 31000

By: Farkhandah Mughal on 25-01-2021

I am principal of private school located at faqirabad ,zaryab colony peshawar. If someone wants to support needy students. They can contact on official number 03319045488.

By: Mrs. Sheeraz Ahmed on 30-12-2020

Assalam alaikum i am student of sindh university of jamshoro My father was died and family i have needed money for study .you know about study of university .Thanks a lot detail my call number 03343930862

By: Muhammad Arab on 23-12-2020

How you help the poor people for high education

By: Muhammad Irfan on 18-12-2020

Aslamoalikum am the principal of a private School In Peshawar. I don't need anything for myself self but if someone can support/Help the orphans in my School we will be a glade. We will appreciate this effort. For contacting feel free to call on 03439885500

By: M.Saleem on 25-10-2020

Assalam o alaikum I am a student of bise in fsc clear student And i am a searching a job Plzzzz add me

By: Fida Hussain on 18-10-2020

I am the student of biochemistry I need some financial help for smster fees and laptop because my father not pay my fee at this time due to a very big loss in business. Anyone could help me??

By: Syed Sahar Humam on 18-10-2020

Assalam o alaikum this is Jahanzeb Riaz from district sanghar sindh I'm fsc part 1 student I am going to get admission in superior college shahdad pur sindh and my father is a poor Man and a common driver he can't afford my education expenses so plzzzz help me I want to read well

By: Jahanzeb on 06-10-2020

this is zahra , i am a final year student my father is disable to deliver my fees any one here for helping me

By: Zahra on 08-08-2020

Aslam o Alikum My name is Umar. I passed inter. I'm from Sialkot. I want to study more in university now but so many financial problems in my family. Please help me. Email:saleemumar319@Gmail. Com

By: Umar Ali on 29-07-2020

My name is sulaiman khan i from to nowshera i am Bs public health students but my father is disable so my father is not support my education and plz help me contact 03010909772

By: Sulaiman Khan on 12-07-2020

ayeshaayeshafatima1122@ contect me on my gmail if someone here to help My name is Ayesha Fatima and I have completed my fsc exams in 2019 . I don't have a father . My mother is a lady health worker. I want to take admission in a Punjab university Lahore but my mother can't afford it . That`s why I did not take admission last year . please support me so I can continue my studies . JzakALLAH

By: Ayesha on 27-06-2020

I have a small Private school .I want to help f give the free help my student.

By: Rehman on 22-06-2020

Please help the poor children

By: Rehman on 22-06-2020

I am a student of FATA( South Waziristan) and completed my fsc from Cadet college spinkai south Waziristan but could not continue my further education. because during the war on terror, we became badly affected having left with almost nothing. I want to study further but due to poverty, i am a daily wager. so please make my dream true by sponsoring me, so that I may become the support not only for my family but also for my society and country.

By: Ihsan Ullah Wazir on 08-06-2020

Hello please contact me if you ever come back on this page. I may be able to help you.

By: Amina on 27-05-2020

I did my fsc pre-medical with 87% marks in am willing to continue my education but my parents cannot afford my even ot able to pay my university first symester help me to pay my first fee aftermath i can secure other scholarships in university on the basis of my excellent GPA.

By: MAIZA EJAZ on 16-05-2020

Assalam-u-alaikum I'm a student of Sargodha University Sub campus am very disturbed by my family issues. My father is a driver at village level and has a passion that I will continue my study but I can feel my family presents. So I have needed money for study expenses only. You better know about study expenses of University. Thanks a lot.

By: Muhammad Azhar on 25-02-2020