Testing Services in Pakistan - Testing Organizations in Pakistan

PTS is the abbreviation of Pakistan Testing Services. Particularly, it got establishment in Dec 2014. Further, it is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, section 22, company ordinances 1984. Moreover, it is working as a Private limited company. Specifically, PTS for professional services is an ISO nine thousand certified company.

List of Testing Services in Pakistan - Testing Organizations in Pakistan

it is an independent and autonomous department of Pakistan. Basically, its main objectives are to check the capabilities and eligibility for the recruitment of the candidates. Moreover, it offers scholarships and admissions to successful candidates in tests.

Furthermore, it takes civil tests and civil service tests to analyze the competent power of the applying candidates. Further, these tests improve the quality and performance of the officers. Individually every candidate conducts the analysis. Most importantly, all the papers are checked under the supervision of high grade and qualified teachers.

PTS is also taking the Educational system of Pakistan to the prominent state in the world. Specifically, it ensures transparency and Clearance in the selection of the candidates. For this, it has hired the most talented staff.

Importantly, it has changed the system of discrimination to the public level. Although, it only selects the candidates on the intelligence and intellectual bases. Specifically, in many divisions of Pakistan, institutions choose civilians based on provincial discrimination.

Notably, it is working for the standardization of education and civil services in Pakistan. That thing basically is helping in promoting the business and making money in the country also.

Seven Testing Services in Pakistan

There are seven Testing Services in Pakistan as:

  1. AJK PSC---Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission of Pakistan
  2. Baluchistan PSC---Baluchistan Public Service Commission of Pakistan
  3. Punjab PSC---Punjab Public Service Commission of Pakistan
  4. Sindh PSC---Sindh Public Service Commission of Pakistan
  5. KPK PSC---Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission of Pakistan
  6. Federal PSC---Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan
  7. NTS---National Testing Service

Tests that PTS provides in Pakistan

PTS provides several tests in Pakistan as:

  • EAT
  • MAT
  • OMT
  • RST
  • IT PT
  • AAT
  • TAG

Testing Services in Pakistan

The pattern of PTS Tests in Pakistan

The model of PTS Tests in Pakistan are the following:

  • Firstly it has diminished the quota system.
  • Further, it is promoting talent in the nation.
  • It manages the private sectors under the Higher Education Commission.
  • Moreover, all other sectors are under Human Resources Development.
  • It introduces services of training, research, building, and development.
  • Specifically, the testing system is based on questionnaires.
  • Further, there are also tests of personalities, ability, and behavior.
  • Basically, PTS is providing the candidates with the best analytical awareness and counseling for the betterment.
  • Lastly, it offers specialized services to help in the selection of the seats of the candidates.

Furthermore, the services for the selection have the following analytical steps:

  1. Logical thinking test
  2. Healthcare and medical assessment test
  3. Specific subject test
  4. Behavior or aptitude test

Basic Divisions of PTS

There are two primary divisions of PTS, basically. These are the following as:

1. Education:

Firstly it holds all the matters related to the educational system. Further, it is responsible for making the decisions in the higher education commission. Moreover, all the testing systems of Colleges are under its supervision. Specifically, it also conducts tests at the university level. Lastly, it also keeps check and balance in the testing systems of school as well.

2. Employment:

Basically, the hiring of employees in the districts is under the supervision of PTS. Moreover, it approves the assessment test of the eligible students. Further, it manages the government sector and private sector as well. Specifically, it adopts the affiliation of all the institutions within the provinces. Furthermore, the employment tests are quite different from Educational tests.

Objectives and Vision of PTS

The main goals and vision of PTS are the following:

  • Firstly the main ambition of PTS is to groom the best leaders in the nation.
  • Further, it is promoting talent in the country.
  • Moreover, it is behind the development of Institutions.
  • Correctly, it is working to attain prosperity.
  • Further, it leads to making progress in the education system and business also.
  • Furthermore, it promotes the Clearance in testing systems with no discrimination.
  • Basically, it leads the services with a better testing system and standards.
  • Additionally, its most important aim is to flow the equilibrium in the opportunity criteria in Pakistan.
  • Importantly it brings the best on the highest rank.
  • Mainly, it brings excellence in the selection of merit officers.

Policies and Ambitions of PTS Pakistan

The procedures and Ambitions of PTS Pakistan are the following:

  • Importantly it gives the surety to the successful candidates with a bright future.
  • Further, it manages the system of selection and testing appropriately.
  • Basically, it leads the system in the natural range of the candidates.
  • Mainly its policy of International Testing Standards makes it prominent in the world.
  • Furthermore, Quality Management is working at the best levels.
  • Specifically, there is no tolerance in the merits of PTS.
  • Further, it brings transparency to the Testing System.
  • Lastly, it takes all the responsibilities of the developments in PTS of Pakistan.

International Affiliate services of PTS

The International Affiliate services of PTS are the following:

  • Importantly, it is linked with IDEAS.
  • Further, it affiliates the Association of Test Publishers, USA.
  • Moreover, it connects the Association of Educational Assessments in Europe.
  • Furthermore, it links The National College Testing Association.
  • Lastly, it affiliates with International Associations for Educational Assessment.

Expertise Areas of PTS Pakistan

Notably, it covers all the Educational areas of Pakistan Education system as:

  • Medical
  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Chemical studies
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Audit services
  • Legal services
  • Banking
  • Information technology
  • Human resources management
  • Strategies and organizations
  • Administration
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Typing
  • Sales
  • Science and technology
  • Talent questionnaire
  • Brand and marketing
  • Accounting
  • Developments
  • English


I conclude that PTS is working best in its services. Further, Pakistan Testing Service is providing the best platform for learners and workers. Specifically, its work in both the fields of education and employment has led it to work for Pakistan's betterment.

Moreover, the strictness in the selection of candidates is the best support to remove discrimination. Basically, this sector of Pakistan had taken the testing systems' standards to ultra levels of justifications.

Q. How many testing services are in Pakistan?

There are 7 testing services in Pakistan namely, EAT, MAT, OMT, RST, IT PT, AAT, and TAG.

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