FESCO Completes Projects Of Rs.233m During March

FESCO completes projects of Rs.233m during March

FAISALABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Apr, 2024) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has completed various projects of Rs.233.638 million during March 2024 besides electrifying 82 villages last month.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Engineer Muhammad Amir in a statement here on Monday said that FESCO spent Rs.131.974 million on electrification of 82 villages in 8 districts of its region. He said that 27 villages were electrified in Faisalabad with Rs.47.977 million, 21 villages in Jhang with Rs.32.973 million, 13 villages in Sargodha with Rs.22.989 million and 21 villages in Mianwali with Rs.28.035 million.

He said that the company also expended Rs.22.582 million on the completion of 2 HT proposals whereas 70 LT proposals were completed with an estimated cost of Rs.

79.082 million.

He said that Rs.25.298 million was spent on completion of 22 LT proposals in Faisalabad, Rs.17.866 million on 14 LT proposals in Jhang, Rs.22.883 million on 24 proposals in Sargodha and Rs.13.035 million on completion of 10 LT proposals in Mianwali.

Similarly, one HT proposal was completed in Faisalabad with Rs.3.649 million while Rs.18.993 million was spent on completion of one HT proposal in Sargodha.

FESCO Chief appreciated the performance of Construction Department of the company and said that more development projects would be undertaken soon for improving quality of service to facilitate the consumers at maximum extent.