Pak Students Safe In Bishkek: Kyrgyz Honorary Consul


Pak students safe in Bishkek: Kyrgyz honorary consul

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 19th May, 2024) Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan Meher Kashif Younis said on Sunday that Pakistani students studying in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, are safe and fully protected and complete peace was restored in and around their hostels and adjacent localities.

In a media statement issued here, he added that in the wake of the attack on Pakistani students, the Lahore consulate is has been in constant liaison with Kyrgyzstan authorities, Pak-Kyrgyz Entrepreneurs Council headed by Ch Amin, leaders of Kyrgyz and Pakistani businessmen.

He said law enforcement agencies, and police are patrolling the affected areas and fully ensuring peaceful environment in collaboration with the local businessmen. He said a team of 50 Kyrgyz businessmen along with Pak businessmen visited all hostels and localities where Pak students are living especially girls students and ensured their safety on top priority.

He said that Pakistan's Ambassador Hasan Zaigham is also actively engaged in facilitation of Pak students.

Meher said, any Pak student can contact in Bishkek on this phone number 996709149410 for assistance and staying free in this restaurant.

He said, "Safety and protection of all 10,000 students in Bishkek is our top priority and we have taken up this issue with relevant authorities in Kyrgyzstan."

He said Dr Ali Raza, Arshad Butt and others are coordinating with Pak students. "We are also helping students in their airlifting on a daily basis to Pakistan through special flights."

He said as per latest reports reaching here from authentic quarters normalcy returned in all areas and adjacent localities.

He said entire staff of Kyrgyz consulate Lahore is available 24/7 for assistance and guidance. People can also approach the consulate through its website and Facebook for seeking information and latest updates as 'we are connected with Kyrgyz authorities directly to pacify the situation to the satisfaction of our Pak students.'