Shipping Activity At Port Qasim

Shipping activity at Port Qasim

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 12th Feb, 2024) Shipping activity reported at Port Qasim where three ships namely, MSC Nora-III, Lady Dimine and Al-Yamamah carrying container, wheat and gas oil, berthed at container terminal. Multi purpose terminal and oil terminal respectively on 11th February, 2024.

Meanwhile two more ships, MSC Spring-III and Haj Mohammad scheduled to load/offload containers and cement, are also arrived at outer-anchorage of the Port Qasim on today 12th February 2024.

A total of eleven ships were engaged at PQA berths during the last 24 hours, out of them three ships, MSC Nor-III, Maersk Boston and Young Sheng Guoji are left the port on today morning and six more ships, Bilbao Knutsen, Flaminia, PGc Patreas, Mirela, Arpeggio and Al-Yamamah are expected to sail on same day.

Cargo volume of 129,280 tonnes, comprising 71,497 tonnes imports cargo and 57,783 tonnes export cargo carried in 2,871 contaiers (167 TEUs Imports and 2,704 TEUs export) was handled at the port during last 24 hours.

There are 10 ships at Outer Anchorage of Port Qaism, out of them four ships, MSC Spring-III, Southern Anoa, Beks Nazk and Epic Sunter carrying Containers, Palm oil, Wheat and LPG are expected to take berths at QICT, LCT, FAP and EVTL respectively on today, 12th February, while another containers ship,Maersk Nyassa is due arrive at Port Qasim on Tuesday, 13th February 2024.