Al Qassimi Women's And Children's Hospital Successfully Performs 12 Robotic Surgeries For Pelvic Diseases


Al Qassimi Women's and Children's Hospital successfully performs 12 robotic surgeries for pelvic diseases

(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 27th Sep, 2021) SHARJAH, 26th September 2021 (WAM) - The Emirates Health Services (EHS) announced that Al Qassimi Hospital for Women & Children, in cooperation with the Visiting Consultants Program, has successfully performed 12 surgeries to treat pelvic diseases using the surgical robot within five days.

With this achievement, Al Qassimi Hospital enhances its leadership at the local level as the first health body to conduct over 151 robotic surgeries since February 2019.

This remarkable achievement underpins the successes of the Robotic Surgery Program in Gynecology which was developed by the EHS in order to deepen the use of robotic surgeries in several medical specialties and promote the use of artificial intelligence as a practical approach in health services.

Also, this new success consolidates the achievements of the Visiting Consultants Office in terms of achieving the EHS's strategic goals in the field of robotic surgeries.

It's also an affirmation of the continuity of development of the Visiting Doctors Program thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and supplies the EHS provides in order to deliver the best healthcare service.

The surgical cases included the removal of fibroids, severe bleeding, infertility, ovarian cysts, and complex tumors, in addition to Urological gynecological surgeries, pelvic muscle relaxation, and uterine prolapse.

Supervised by the visiting consultant Dr. Labib Riachi, a Robotic Gynecology specialist, the operations were carried out by the Gynecologic surgeons assisted by the Visiting Consultants Office.

The support of Al Qassimi Women's & Children's Hospital with state-of-the-art technologies led to the development of health and treatment services, especially in the field of gynecology, and contributed to performing delicate surgeries efficiently and professionally, said Dr. Yousef Mohammed Al Serkal, Director-General, EHS.

Al Serkal added that the EHS is keenly committed to providing the latest therapeutic approaches and specialized, comprehensive and innovative health services based on artificial intelligence techniques and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, noting that robotic surgery is distinguished by its ability to perform the most difficult surgeries.

This is pursuant to the directions of the UAE government to be a center of excellence in the middle East in the field of integrating artificial intelligence into medical services using robotic surgeries in all medical specialties and to provide the highest levels of health care according to international standards.

He lauded the great competence of the medical staff at Al Qassimi Women's & Children's Hospital in performing complex robotic surgeries in cooperation with the Visiting Doctors Program, underscoring the EHS's commitment to constantly developing its hospitals in accordance with the highest international standards.

Al Serkal continued to say that the EHS is eager to make the most of the Visiting Doctors Program by enhancing cooperation and exchange of experiences between the EHS's doctors and visiting consultants, as well as strengthening the communication with the most prestigious international centers in order to raise the efficiency of the medical staff and develop levels of health and treatment care in accordance with the highest international quality standards.

Dr. Safia Al Khaja, Director of Al Qassimi Women’s & Children’s Hospital, EHS, said that conducting such surgeries confirms the success of the Robotic Surgery Program in the Gynecology field in promoting the use of artificial intelligence in therapeutic and health services.

This comes in line with the trends of modern medicine towards the growing use of robots and artificial intelligence, she added.

Al Khaja attributed the use of robots in surgeries to their ability to reach the most difficult parts of the body with high degree of accuracy due to the stability of the robotic arm, in addition to being less stressful for doctors and less painful for patients.

She commended the role of the surgical team of the hospital in performing successful robotic surgeries in cooperation the Visiting Consultants Office.