Imran Khan's Politics Of Agitation Keeps KP Province Backward: Nalota

Imran Khan's politics of agitation keeps KP province backward: Nalota

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th july, 2016) : Parliamentary Leader of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Sardar Aurangzaib Khan Nalota said Thursday the politics of agitation of Pakistan Tahrik e Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan has kept the province backward and deprived of development. In an exclusive chat with APP about the PTI's announced agitation against corruption on August 7, the PMLN leader said politics of Imran Khan revolve around agitation and his August 7 call would fail just like his Islamabad Dharna as people are feed up with agiation and Dharna politics and want solutions of their problems. He said PTI has failed to control corruption in Khyber Pakthunkhwa, adding people's confidence over PTI government to eliminate corruption was shattered after it made its owned established Ehtesab Commission toothless. Nalota said people of Khyber Pakthunkhwa have been deprived of development and ADP funds are not utilized fully. He said bureaucrats and senior civil officers are hesitant to work in KP due to fear of being held by anti corruption organizations and are trying to transfer themselves to other provinces to save their careers. The revelations made by former Director General Ehtesab Commission Lt Gen (Retd) Hamid Khan following his resignation had exposed the tall claims of PTI Government for across the board accountability and good governance in the province.

He asked PTI chief Imran Khan to clear his position regarding the charge-sheet of former Commissioner Ehtesab Commission, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and PEDO leaks. Nalota said PTI's sitting minister Ziulalh Afridi was arrested on charges of corruption while Qumi Watan Party that quit PTI Government after corruption allegation by Imran Khan was again allowed to join the government which clearly demonstrate contradiction in words and actions of Irman Khan.

He said PTI has deviated from its manifesto as corruption and other malpractices in the governance system are still intact and poor people are being forced to visit civil secretariat for their genuine works repeatedly. Nalota said PTI's has failed to improve facilities in education and health sectors as conditions of government schools and hospitals have been worsened during last three years. He said when PTI chief Imran Khan visited Bannu and asked people about seeing any change in education, health and other social sectors, the people response was "No" that have embarrassed PTI rulers. Nolota said it was Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who had allowed PTI being a majority party after 2013 elections results to form government in KP despite the fact that PMLN and JUIF were in a position to form coalition government in the province. Nalota said landslide victory of PMLN candidates in AJK elections have reflected the unshakable trust and confidence of masses in the policies and leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. He said the recent historic success of PMLN in AJK demonstrated that people want solutions to their problems and development.

The people of AJK have rejected Dharna and agitation politics. The PMLN leader said PTI's own MPAs and MNAs have openly expressed their concerns over slow accountability process, unjust distribution of development of funds and corruption in KP. Nalota said downfall of PTI has started referring to AJK elections and PK-8 polls results in Peshawar, adding people of KP would reject political agitators in 2018 general elections.