18/mr Dunya Pur Road, Multan

18/mr Dunya Pur Road is located in Multan District of Punjab Province in Pakistan. There are total 772 students and 25 teachers, and 12 classrooms in the school. There is no computer lab or computer students, and no library for students is available.. Ihsaan Shahid Siqque is the headmaster of the school. You can find more information about GHSS 18/mr Dunya Pur Road School including Admissions, Basic Facilities, Sports Facilities, Academic Facilities, Enrollment of Students according to class & teachers profile according to their designation and qualifications.

GHSS 18/mr Dunya Pur Road Headmaster

NameIhsaan Shahid Siqque

GHSS 18/mr Dunya Pur Road Teaching Staff

Name Designation Grade Posting in School Qualification
Abdul Ghaffar PST/PTC/JV 09 2007 B.A.
Allah Ditta S.S.S.(ART) 18 2013 M.A.
Allah Rakha SSE(CS) 17 2009 MCS
Bilal Ahmad S.S.(SC) 17 2014 M.SC.
Ghulam Abbas S.S.T.(SC) 17 2014 M.SC.
Ghulam Hussain Chohan S.S.S.(ART) 19 2013 M.A.
Ihsan Shahid Siddique PRINCIPAL 19 2013 M.A.
Jalil Haider S.S.(SC) 17 2016 BS(CS)
Javed Iqbal S.S.(SC) 17 2015 M.SC.
Khawaja Naeem S.S.S.(SC) 17 2015 M.A.
M Arif Manzoor SESE(S) 14 2015 B.SC.
M Bashir PST/PTC/JV 12 2010 F.A.
M Dawood EST(A)/A.T 16 2011 MATRIC
M Iqbal S.S.(SC) 18 2005 B.A.
M Irfan Ghori S.S.(SC) 17 2016 M.PHIL
M Ismahil PST/PTC/JV 14 1986 MATRIC
M Rafiq PST/PTC/JV 09 2010 M.A.
M Waqas SESE(S) 14 2015 B.SC.
M Yameen EST(A)/A.T 15 2012 MATRIC
M Yaseen S.S.T.(GEN) 16 2014 M.A.
Mushtaq PST/PTC/JV 12 1996 F.A.
Safdar Mehmood S.S.T.(GEN) 16 2015 B.A.
Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah S.S.T.(GEN) 17 2000 M.A.
Zafar Iqbal S.S.S.(ART) 18 2013 M.PHIL
Zulfiqar Ali EST(D)/D.M. 16 1990 F.A.

GHSS 18/mr Dunya Pur Road Facilities

Basic Facilities

Drinking WaterAvailable
Boundary WallAvailable
Main GateAvailable
Play GroundNot Available
ToiletsNot Available
Teachers Furniture25
Students Furniture500

Sports Facilities

Table TennisNo

Academic Facilities

No.of Books950
Computer LabsNo
Computer Students186

Enrollment of Student

Kachi63 Students
Class 133 Students
Class 241 Students
Class 333 Students
Class 432 Students
Class 530 Students
Class 657 Students
Class 740 Students
Class 848 Students
Class 9183 Students
Class 10120 Students
Class 1147 Students
Class 1245 Students
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