Malik Muhammad Saddique, School Teacher in Multan (276193)

Malik Muhammad Saddique is school teacher in Multan, Punjab Pakistan. Malik Muhammad Saddique’s current designation is S.S.T.(GEN), grade is 16 and posted in Govt Elementary School Bait Kaisar Jalalpur Pirwala School. malik Muhammad saddique is posted in Education dept since 1986, and posted in current school since 2012. Malik Muhammad Saddique Qualification is B.A. and Professional Qualification is B.ED.. You can check more information like mobile phone number, whatsapp number, email address and postal address of the teacher at this page.
Namemalik Muhammad saddique
Posting in Education Dept.1986
Posting in School2012
School NameGovt Elementary School Bait Kaisar Jalalpur Pirwala
Professional QualificationB.ED.

More Teaching Staff in Govt Elementary School Bait Kaisar Jalalpur Pirwala School

Name Designation Grade Posting in School Qualification
Abdul Malik EST(P)/PET 14 2014 M.A.
Habib Ur Rehman EST(O)/O.T. 15 2014 M.A.
Muhammad Aslam PST/PTC/JV 09 1996 MATRIC
Muhammad Asmatullah PST/PTC/JV 09 1995 B.A.
Muhammad Iqbal Khan PST/PTC/JV 12 1988 B.A.
Muhammad Javed Iqbal PST/PTC/JV 12 1999 B.A.

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Name Designation Grade Posting in School Qualification
Khalid Mehmood PST/PTC/JV 09 1995 F.A.
Muhammad Amjad Sohail PST/PTC/JV 12 2002 B.A.
Sajid Hussain PST/PTC/JV 09 2010 M.SC.
Sakhawat Hussain PST/PTC/JV 09 2012 M.A.
Tanveer Ahmad PST/PTC/JV 12 2001 B.A.
Tariq Jamal PST/PTC/JV 12 2012 B.A.
Allah Ditta EST(P)/PET 15 1999 F.A.
Gualm Sarwar EST(O)/O.T. 16 2008 F.A.
Haji Falak Sheer PST/PTC/JV 14 1988 F.A.
Javeed Iqbal SESE(M) 14 2012 B.SC.
Mudasir Hassan Rangha PST/PTC/JV 09 2014 B.A.
Muhammad Hashim PST/PTC/JV 12 1987 F.SC.
Muhammad Sarwar Qureshi S.S.T.(GEN) 17 2012 M.SC.
Rana Waseem Rabani SESE(S) 14 2013 M.PHIL
Syed Khursheed Medhi EST(E) 15 2014 M.A.
Zafar Iqbal PST/PTC/JV 14 2014 M.SC.
Zahid Ul Hassan PST/PTC/JV 14 2003 M.A.
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