Farmers' Prosperity Lies In Modern Techniques Only: Dr Sarwar

Farmers' prosperity lies in modern techniques only: Dr Sarwar

FAISALABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd May, 2024) University of Agricultural Faisalabad (UAF) Pro-Vice Chancellor/ Dean Agriculture Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Khan has said that developing agriculture on modern lines is a prerequisite to make the dream of agriculture uplift and farmers' prosperity come true.

He presided over a meeting of the 18-member delegation of the 35th Senior Management Course of the National Institute of Management (NIM) here on Wednesday. He said the way should be paved for promotion of genetically modified crops at the national level to meet the demands of the growing population. He said that the UAF had introduced new varieties of soybeans which are being promoted among the farmers to get rid of the import of one and a half billion Dollars and the University of Agriculture is determined to bring it to one million acres.

He said that the new varieties of climate resilient wheat varieties with the support of Washington State University will prove to be a milestone.

He said that the university had developed varieties of sugarcane that are resistant to herbicides and insects to produce high-yielding crops. He said that innovation in agriculture can be done only by bringing research to the doorsteps of farmers, for which agricultural scientists and experts will have to play their active role. He urged the agricultural scientists to devote all their energies to find solutions keeping the farmers' problems in view.

University deans Dr. Qamar Bilal, Dr. Shahid Mehmood, Dr. Ijaz Bhatti, Dr. Babar Shehbaz, Director Research Dr. Jafar Jaskani, Director External Linkages Dr Kashif Saleemi, Principal Officer Public Relations and Publication Dr. Muhammad Jalal Arif and others were also present.