Traders Briefed On Tajir Dost Scheme At FPCCI

Traders briefed on Tajir Dost Scheme at FPCCI

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 11th Jun, 2024) Federal board of Revenue (FBR) has introduced an easy registration procedure for traders under the Tajir Dost Scheme. A simple tax return is created and traders can take full advantage of it.

Chief Coordinator to Prime Minister for the FBR's Tajir Dost Scheme, Muhammad Naeem Mir and Chief Commissioner Regional Tax Office Lahore, Ahmed Shuja Khan, stated this while addressing an awareness seminar on FBR Tajir Dost Scheme here at Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Regional Office on Tuesday.

They said that the Prime Minister has given excellence awards to taxpayers, asserting that tax is the bloodline of a country. The problems of the business community will be solved on a priority basis, they assured. FPCCI Chairman & Vice President Zaki Aijaz emphasized that a strong and transparent tax system is needed for the growth and stability of the country's economy.

For the successful implementation of the Tajir Dost Scheme, the opinion and problems of the traders must be considered. "Consultation will not only increase the effectiveness of the policies but also restore the traders' confidence," he remarked.

He said that this scheme should simplify the tax system and the tax return procedure so that it is easier for small traders to pay taxes and submit returns. The government should also give incentives to traders and industrialists.

Zaki Aijaz said that electricity and gas prices should be reduced so that industrialists and traders can reduce their cost of production and better contribute to the country's economy. He added that the requirement of monthly advance tax payment under the Trader Friendly Scheme should be reviewed. He suggested that tax should be collected from retailers at the final stage.