Thousands Arrive In AJK From Pakistan, Abroad To Cast Votes


Thousands arrive in AJK from Pakistan, abroad to cast votes

KOTLI, MUZAFFARABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th july, 2016) : Thousands of Kashmiris living in Pakistan's various cities arrived in Kotli, Muzaffarabad and other districts of the State in the last couple of days to cast their votes in Thursday's elections for Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly. A huge rush of people was witnessed at the bus terminals and wagon stands during the last two days as hundreds of families arrived from the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Karachi and other cities of Pakistan where a huge number of Kashmiris are settled for business, jobs or other purposes. People also moved to native towns in large number in their own vehicles to exercise their right to vote and support their favourite parties and candidates in the elections.

"I've been here for the last 30 years but I have never seen such crowds of people flocking to their villages and towns to cast their votes," Pino Khan, who runs a fruit and vegetable shop near Kotli city's bus terminal told APP. Hanif Sabir, a retired Pakistan Air Force officer, who along with his family members had arrived from Islamabad in Kotli city on Wednesday, told this news agency that he had never cast his vote in the past but this time he decided to use this right.

"Yes, I'm here to vote for my favourite party. I think we should support the people who can serve our people and area in a better way," he said without divulging the details to whom he was going to vote on the polling day. Nazir Ahmed, a student of MSC Mass Communication, who had arrived at Muzaffarabad bus terminal from Lahore while expressing the similar sentiments remarked: "People are becoming more and more aware about their rights now.

I'm sure the turn out in these elections will be exemplary." He said his several friends were also arriving from Karachi and other cities of Pakistan to use their voting right. Similar reports of arrival of voters were also received from the main bus terminals of other districts of AJK. Meanwhile, a huge number of overseas Kashmiris also arrived during the past days in their hometowns to poll votes and elect their representatives for the next term.