Bill Gates Ready To Support African Union To Increase Human Capital For Next Generation

Bill Gates Ready to Support African Union to Increase Human Capital for Next Generation

ADDIS ABABA (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 10th February, 2019) The Gates Foundation is ready to promote human capital development in Africa to aid the African Union in transforming the continent, Bill Gates, the head of the Gates Foundation, said on Sunday during the opening ceremony of the 32nd African Union Summit.

"I believe that the African Union can achieve its highest ambition to remake the continent for the next generation, but a key will be making smart investments in human capital ... We stand ready to continue to help, to use our resources, our time and expertise to help," Gates said.

The Gates Foundation is a private philanthropic body, established by microsoft Corporation founder Bill Gates and his spouse Melinda in 2000. It aims at enhancing healthcare and reducing poverty around the world, and also at expanding educational opportunities and access to information technology in the United States.

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