QMobile Price in Pakistan – QMobiles Pakistan

QMobile Price in Pakistan – QMobiles Pakistan

QMobile Price in Pakistan: Qmobile is a Karachi based telecommunication and technology company that sells simple phones and Android smartphones in Pakistan. Due to its cheap price ranges, the brand is famous in lower-middle to middle and upper-middle-class of society. It was once considered one of the largest selling phones in Pakistan. Qmobile phones exhibit great features and specifications under a very reasonable price range. Qmobile prices in Pakistan were kept low, while the quality remained updated.

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Qmobile models earned instant fame in Pakistan after its release in 2009. The reason for its popularity was its every range of phones. QMobile Mobile Phones productively maintained its popularity and customer market in Pakistan. It continued to bring efficient quality products at amazingly affordable price rates.

The manufacturing plant of the company isn’t located in Pakistan. It imports all of its quality mobile parts from China’s largest mobile phone manufacturer company named Gionee. Qmobile models have acquired a reliable position all through Pakistan by putting forward its extensive services and warranty.

QMobile Mobile Price in Pakistan

The distinctive nature of the Qmobile is that the brand has the prices arranged according to the Pakistan customers which makes their exclusive nearby interest. QMobile advanced mobile phones, tablets, and bar phones are accessible at prudent costs all over Pakistan. Another feature of QMobile is the huge standard of customer care availability across Pakistan. It implies effectively changing harmed or defective models for a guarantee; it implies that you can cure your broken cell phone for a guarantee. Check the most recent and upcoming QMobile mobile phone rates in Pakistan.

Qmobile Range of Phones

Al through Pakistan, Qmobile earned fame for both of its phone types: Bar and Smartphones. Qmobile models exhibit amazing features.

1.   Bar Phones

Qmobile bar phones are highly used by a large community of the society and these phones are given the unique features of radio, dual sim availability and long battery time. Another thing that distinguishes Qmobile from its competitors is its way of huge marketing. A lot of TV, radio and promotional events or programs are being sponsored by the brand. Moreover, the advertising campaigns of Qmobile are very strong; they hire a renowned public figure as their brand ambassador and it strengthens their marketing values. These bar mobile phones prices in Pakistan are very affordable with other accessories like headphones and charger.

2.   Smartphones

Qmobile smartphones exhibit great features and specifications with a very reasonable price range. It has been used by a large number of people and they seem very satisfied with the quality of Android smartphones. These bar mobile phone’s price in Pakistan is very affordable even that middle-class person can own a good smartphone with great specifications such as good camera quality, great screen resolution, the reasonable amount of ram or internal storage, 3G, 4G and LTE data assistance. Not only internal specifications, but the brand also offers very cool colored and smart casing phones with great variety. There is some very remarkable worth discussing a series of the brand.

Various Finest Series

Noir Series: It is one of the most famous smartphone series of the Qmobile brand. Noir series is considered one of the most used smartphone series among all others. Being a bit high priced, it also exhibits great features. Phones under this series give high-density battery time, 16GB memory, good display size with the facility of connectivity i.e. Bluetooth, WIFI, 3G, 4G and LTE assistance. Noir series price in Pakistan is so reasonable and affordable. The series is further categorized into A and Z phones with a little difference in internal and external features.

Qmobile Infinity Series. It is the second series of the brand considered as a refined and attractive series offered by the brand. Features of the smartphones lying in this category are good camera quality, 16GB built-in and 2GB ram memory, removable battery and connectivity features such as WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, and LTE assistance. Qmobile infinity series is father divided into E, C and B phones.

Qmobile E4 series:  is a most used series consisted of the simple bar phones. This series is the cheapest yet the most selling as well. It has specifications like the torch, good battery life, radio and dual sim availability.

Upcoming Qmobiles New Models in Pakistan

After a long pause, Qmobile is ready to launch new models in the year 2020. Qmobile prices in Pakistan will be reasonable and quality will be high, as per the company’s policies. Following are the expected upcoming phones of Qmobile in Pakistan:

  • Qmobile QSmart Hot Pro 2
  • Qmobile QSmart LT200
  • Qmobile i8i
  • Qmobile i5i
  • Qmobile QSmart LT950
  • Qmobile QSmart LT900
  • Qmobile L3 Lite
  • Qmobile I8i Pro II
  • Qmobile Paris
  • Qmobile Double Dhamal

People search for phone features before buying it. If someone is confused between two different sets it can compare them on Urdu Point’s special page. For example, someone is confused between buying Qmobile noir and Qmobile infinity; he can compare it on Urdu Point mobile page. A comparison of different phones i.e. Qmobile with Samsung facility is also available.


  1. Is Qmobile still manufacturing mobile phones in Pakistan?

Expectedly Yes! for the year2020 Qmobile is all set to enter the market with their exclusive bar phones and smartphones at the most affordable prices.

  1. Who is the owner of Qmobile?

Mian Zeeshan Akhter is the CEO and owner of Qmobile. Qmobile actually means “Quality Mobiles”.

  1. Is Qmobile a Pakistani Company?

Qmobile stands out as a Pakistan consumer electronic marketing company which was launched in the year 2009. It once used to be the largest smartphone marketing brand in Pakistan.

  1. Why Qmobile was banned?

In the year 2023, Qmobile was found in the large-scale smuggling and tax evasion. Authorities banned the company to operate within the nation until the next notice.


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