Saudi Arab Visa on Arrival on Pakistani Passport | 2024 Information

Saudi Arab Visa On Arrival On Pakistani Passport | 2024 Information

Good News for the UK, US and Schengen Visa Holder Pakistanis, they can avail the visa on arrival at Saudi Arab in 2024. Find complete information, process and visa fee

The UK, US and Schengen Visa Holders Pakistanis are now eligible for the “Visa on Arrival” at Saudi Arab. An initial step has been taken by the Saudi Government to promote tourism in the Kingdom.

The Saudi Tourism Visa marks a historical change in a country. The most requested Saudi Visa is Hajj Visa, which is entirely for Religious purposes. Now, Saudia Arabia has extended its visa policy to facilitate the tourists in the country.

In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia stands as the second biggest tourist attraction and the major reason is Muslim’s Holy places at Makkah and Medina.

For the growth of leisure tourism sector, Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Tourism & National Heritage announced that tourists with the valid UK, US or Schengen will now be able to acquire a tourist visa on arrival.

Saudi Visa on Arrival for Pakistani Citizens
The recent e-Visa facility is still not available for Pakistani Passport Holders.

But Pakistani passport holders with valid UK, US or Schengen Visa can avail the visa on arrival facility.

(جاری ہے)

The Visa on arrival is acceptable for both, commercial or tourism categories. However, the visitor must have travelled through his UK, US or Schengen Visa before coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Pakistani Visitors can enjoy the facility by having a valid UK, US or Schengen visas before entering Saudi Arabia till their exit from the Kingdom.

Visa on Arrival for Umrah
All visitors entering Saudi Arab can perform Umrah on Visa on Arrival visas.

They can roam around freely in any city of the kingdom. There is no restictions on their movements.

90 Days Maximum Stay on Visa on Arrival
All visitors holding the visa on arrival can stay upto

Conditions to Avail Saudi Visa on Arrival for Pakistan Passport Holders
There will be two conditions for permitting entry of these visa holders.

Firstly, the visa shall be valid for use at the time of arrival at any of the Kingdom’s entry points, and continues to be valid after the end of the period of visiting the Kingdom.

Secondly, the visa holder’s passport must have been stamped with an entry visa at least once from the country, which is granting the visa.

GACA called on the national carriers to review their previous conditions with regard to giving entry for holders of visa from the these Western countries.

It is noteworthy that the authority had issued a circular on December 4 2019 that instructs the national air carriers to receive holders of Schengen and American visas if they want to visit the Kingdom at any time, as long as the conditions set by the authority are met.

Visa Fees for Visa on Arrival
The fees of 120$ or 450 Saudi Riyals will be charged on the airport to avail the visa on arrival for Pakistani passport holders.

Saudi E-Visa Facility is not for Pakistani Citizens
Only 49 Countries (excluding Pakistani Passport Holders) can obtain e-Visa facility as the Kingdom’s tourism regulations were rather conservative before.

Saudi Government officially declared the tourist visa for visitors at the cost of $80 on 27 September 2019. The announcement was made through the state-owned Saudi Press Agency which referenced the general authority.

It claimed that there is a committee which is functioning to define the goals and mechanism for the application of visitor visa structure.

The committee is officiated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage, Ahmed bin Aqeel Al-Khatib.

24,000 Foreign Visitors entered the Kingdom, exactly after the ten days of instant tourist visas implementation. The visitors from China ranked number one, while UK and US visitors stood second and third respectively.

According to Saudi’s new tourist regulations, a tourist will be able to spend three months per entry. The Kingdom allowed multiple entries in a year among 90 days time period only. The tourist visa will be valid until one year only.

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