Sharbat-e-Angoor Recipe In Urdu - Recipe No. 3614

Sharbat-e-Angoor Urdu recipe is available at UrduPoint. Sharbat-e-Angoor is a famous dish in this region. You can read here Sharbat-e-Angoor recipe in Urdu and English. We will tell you in detail what ingredients you need for Sharbat-e-Angoor. You can know the complete method to make Sharbat-e-Angoor on this page. We will also tell you how long it will take to make Sharbat-e-Angoor. Read the recipe, ingredients, and everything related to Sharbat-e-Angoor below.

انگور کا شربت بنانے کی ترکیب - ترکیب نمبر 3614

Sharbat-e-Angoor Recipe In Urdu

تیاری کا مکمل وقت

10 منٹ

پکانے کا وقت

30 منٹ

کتنے لوگوں کیلئے ہے

2 افراد


60 کیلوریز

Ingredients - اجزاء

1 انگوروں کا رس آٹھ چھٹانک

2 گلاب کا عرق آٹھ چھٹانک

3 دانے دار چینی آٹھ چھٹانک

Step by Step Instructions - تیار کرنے کی ترکیب

  1. 1انگوروں کا رس آدھ سیر لیں (انگوروں کا رس کسی شکنجے میں دبا کر نکالا جا سکتاہے)
  2. 2 دانے دار چینی کو گلاب کے عرق میں پکائیں اور اس میں انگوروں کا رس ملا دیں
  3. 3 ابالنا جاری رکھیں یہاں تک کہ شربت بن جائے

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Urdu cooking recipe of Sharbat-e-Angoor, learn easy method to make it, This recipe has all the ingredients of it, with easy step by step instructions and methods to make it and cook it. Sharbat-e-Angoor is a Drinks, Juices, Sharbat, Sakanjabeen, and listed in the drinks, juices, sharbat, sakanjabeen. its preparation time is only 10 minutes and it's making time is just 30 minutes and it serves upto 2 people. Other Urdu cooking recipes and video cooking recipes are also available online.