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Urdu Recipes of Aloo, Easy Potato food recipes in Urdu and English. Make easily at home with complete Step by Step instructions, and videos. Large collection of Pakistani and international recipies in Urdu.


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Potato recipes in Urdu - Aloo ki Dishes

Recipes of potatoes are famous all over the world. People love to make and eat potato recipes. Urdu Point makes it easy for the viewers to find all the potato recipes on one page of its website. Sometimes potato dishes are served as side dish and for those recipes, one can search for potato recipe side dish. Most importantly, potato dishes also served as main dish and for those recipes one can search for potato main dish recipes. Indian potato recipes are very common in both side of the region. Urdu gives Indian potato recipes, Pakistani Aloo Recipe in Urdu and Pakistani potato recipes as well. Fried potato recipes are also available on the web page. For the beginners in cooking, Urdu Point gives easy potato dishes. The site also provides the delicious roasted potato recipes for the viewers. Urdu Point gives potato casserole recipes. Most of the parents remain worry about their kid’s diet. They often like French fries only. For the sake of giving all nutrition with potato, Urdu Point gives exclusive potato recipes for kids in Urdu, and french fries recipe in Urdu. The combination of chicken and potato vital for the food lovers.

Urdu Point provides a great deal of chicken and potato cakes recipe. It also gives delicious recipe of aloo and chicken cutlets. The site provides delicious chicken k kabab recipe in Urdu. Pakistani potato cutlets are very famous in the world. A food lover can find aloo ke kabab Pakistani recipe in Urdu. Aloo chaat is one of the famous dish of Pakistani cuisine. Urdu Point gives potato chaat recipe in Urdu. One can also search for aloo chaat recipe in Urdu. Boiled aloo chaat recipe is also given by Urdu Point website. Dahi aloo chaat recipe is also very famous and given on the web page. Aloo chaat recipe Pakistani is exclusively given on the page. Aloo ki puri is a very famous continental dish. Urdu Point provides aloo ki puri recipe. For the ease of viewers, Urdu Point provides aloo ki puri recipe video. For all the sub continental viewers, the site provides puri aloo bhaji recipe. Aloo ki bhujia is one of the most famous food from sub continental cuisine. Urdu Point facilitates its viewers by giving the aloo ki bhujia recipe. For avoiding the language barriers, Urdu Point gives aloo ki bhujia recipe in Urdu. Indian style bhaji is exclusively included for aloo ki bhujia Bihari style.

For paratha lovers, aloo ka paratha recipes and potato paratha recipe are also published on the site. Aloo paratha with chicken, and aloo paratha with vegetable can be seen on Urdu Point.

For those who love baked potatoes, Urdu Point provides baked potato recipe. The site also provides the tips about baked potato in foil. It also gives the delicious recipe of sliced baked potato recipe. Stuffed baked potato recipe is also given in Urdu by this website. Baked potato microwave recipes are also given on the web page for the ease of viewers. Baked potato toppings are also getting famous. Urdu Point provides quick baked potato recipes for those who have less time for cooking. Baked potato with onion slices is also a very renowned dish. Urdu Point gives baked aloo tikki recipe. Potato cake have also become famous food choice. Urdu Point gives recipes of baked potato cakes. For those who don’t want to add flour and eggs can visit Urdu Point website and get the great potato cakes without flour and potato cakes without eggs recipes respectively. Shredded potato cake recipe is also given. Chicken potato kabab recipe in Urdu (chicken aloo kabab recipe in Urdu) is also given for those who are in quest of good food taste. Potato pancake recipes are also given. Urdu Point tells in details that how to make potato pancakes from mashed potatoes. People who doesn’t like eggs in mashed potatoes can get recipes of potato pancakes without egg. The recipes of delicious grated potato pancakes are also given. Urdu Point takes care of the beginners it gives recipe of easy potato pancakes. People who don’t want flour in their food can get recipe of potato pancakes without flour. Potato fritters are getting very famous in continental cuisine. Urdu Point website gives potato fritters recipe. For those who doesn’t want eggs in their diet can search for potato fritters no egg recipe on Urdu Point.

Cheese lovers can get the recipe of potato and cheese fritters. Urdu Point also gives Scottish potato fritters recipe. The recipe of mashed potato fritters can also be found on the site of Urdu Point. Urdu Point gives the variations in recipes by giving potato fritters batter and potato fritters baked.

Potato marmara recipe is also given for he viewers of Urdu Point. The delicious recipe of cheese jacket potato is also provided by the site. Another recipe of potato named aloo khashkhash kay sath is also given by Urdu Point. Potato toast recipe is also provided in exclusive collection of potato recipes. Boiled potato recipes are also provided for potato lovers. Who doesn’t love spicy cheese potatoes? Everyone want it and Urdu Point gives easy and delicious recipe of spicy cheesy potatoes. Urdu Point provides the recipe of cheesy mashed potatoes.

The delicious and accurate recipe of cheesy scalloped heesy scalloped potatoes is also given for the Urdu Point viewers. Urdu Point provides homemade French fries deep fryer. It is a matter of fact that French fried potatoes are everyone’s favorite. Urdu Point provides French fries recipe in Urdu. The site also provides the recipe of potato cutlets. For the ease of viewers the site gives potato cutlets recipe in Urdu. It also gives exclusive potato cutlets Pakistani recipe. Finding a perfect pakora recipe looks like a task. Urdu Point provides perfect pakora recipe in Urdu. It gives Pakistani pakora recipe. There are variations in the recipes. Urdu Point gives all Potato pakora recipe and Chicken pakora recipe. It also gives the vegetable pakora recipe. The delicious recipe of aloo gobi recipe is alo given on the site. The site gives variations of recipes by giving aloo gobi masala recipe and aloo gobi dry recipe. The site also facilitate its viewers by giving authentic recipe of aloo gobi masala restaurant style. The site give easy aloo gobi recipe. Urdu Point also gives genuine aloo gobi recipe Pakistani.

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