Pink Ribbon To Mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month In Pakistan

Pink Ribbon to mark breast cancer awareness month in Pakistan

In a powerful initiative, led by Pink Ribbon, the month of October has been officially designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Pakistan, known as "PINKtober"

LAHORE, (UrduPoint/APP - UrduPoint / UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Sept 30, 2023) :In a powerful initiative, led by Pink Ribbon, the month of October has been officially designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Pakistan, known as "PINKtober."
Pink Ribbon announced on Saturday that a 30-day awareness drive, involving individuals from grassroots to policymakers, will commence on Sunday, October 1.
This year's PINKtober carries a significant theme, with each week dedicated to vital aspects of the campaign:
The first week will be observed by focusing on promoting a healthy lifestyle and educating women and girls about the profound impact of routine well-being practices, which can reduce breast cancer risk by up to 40 per cent .
The second week will be celebrated as Mammogram awareness week.

The Pink Ribbon strongly encourages women to prioritize regular mammograms and familiarize themselves with their breast health during this week.
During the third week of October, numerous buildings and iconic structures across the country will turn pink to emphasize the importance of early detection and the potential to save countless lives through breast cancer awareness.
The final week underscores the alarming rise in breast cancer cases among young girls in Pakistan.

It also shows support for resilient survivors who are striving to return to normalcy after battling this ailment.
The Pink Ribbon, dedicated to providing support and counseling to those affected by breast cancer, is in the process of completing Pakistan's first dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital.

The outpatient department currently offers free counseling, consultations, and ultrasound tests for women.
It's crucial to note that early detection can lead to a cure, with a survival rate exceeding 90 per cent.

Over 10 million women in Pakistan are at risk of breast cancer, making it the country with the highest breast cancer incidence rate in Asia. Alarming statistics reveal that every ninth woman in Pakistan is prone to developing breast cancer in her lifetime, with 40,000 annual fatalities and 90,000 new cases reported.
The Pink Ribbon Pakistan has been at the forefront of addressing breast cancer for two decades.

Their mission is to reduce breast cancer mortality rates by educating women and girls on preventive techniques, emphasizing healthy lifestyles and well-being.
Despite past challenges where even mentioning "Breast Cancer" was taboo, Pink Ribbon proudly asserts that breast cancer has become a priority topic on the national health agenda.

Since its inception in 2004, Pink Ribbon has educated over 2 million young girls on breast self-examination and 19 million women on early detection techniques. Their consistent campaigns have resulted in a remarkable 400 per cent increase in mammogram screening in Pakistan.