PSG Climb Down Over Collins Tune After DJ Snake Spits Venom


PSG climb down over Collins tune after DJ Snake spits venom

Paris, Sept 17 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Sep, 2021 ) :Paris Saint-Germain have calmed the ruffled feathers of Grammy-nominated fan DJ Snake and other supporters by restoring ageing British rock legend Phil Collins's song as the music for their players' entry onto the pitch.

DJ Snake had complained as his music had been composed specifically for the presentation of Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi when he joined the club and claimed it was inappropriate for the players' arrival onto the field of play.

PSG had replaced Collins's "Who Said I Would" with DJ Snake's piece for last Saturday's match with Clermont, sparking Snake's reaction.

"Due to the emotion arising from the changing of the music greeting the players on their entry onto the pitch, Phil Collins will return to Parc (des Princes) on Sunday (when they host Lyon)," tweeted PSG.

The fans had taken to social media to voice their disquiet at the disappearance of 70-year-old Collins's song, which has been a feature of home games dating back to the 1990s.

Collins's song will probably not feature amongst his greatest hits, having first appeared on his best-selling 1985 album 'No Jacket Required'. He released it as a single from a live album in 1991 -- reaching a high of 73 in the Billboard top 100 in the United States.