Death Toll From Flooding In Central China Reaches 63 - Local Government

Death Toll From Flooding in Central China Reaches 63 - Local Government

BEIJING (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 25th July, 2021) The death toll from the heavy rains and flooding that hit China's central province of Henan has risen to 63, while five people remain missing, the local government said on Sunday.

Previous reports indicated that 51 people died and eight were missing.

"From July 16 to the midday of July 25, due to prolonged downpours, 11.44 million people were in the disaster zone, the number of victims reached 63, five people are missing, 861,900 people have already been evacuated throughout the province," the government said in a statement.

Additionally, more than 296,000 people need emergency assistance, the government said, noting the natural disaster affected over 876,600 hectares (2,166,126 acres) of farmland and destroyed 8,876 buildings.

Search and rescue operations, as well as efforts to eliminate the consequences of the typhoon, involve nearly 200,000 people, including firefighters and rescuers.

Downpours and flooding struck central China last week, affecting the most the province's capital of Zhengzhou.